This is how the beaches of Budapest open up

This is how the beaches of Budapest open up

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The CEO of Budapest Gyügyfürdõi and Hévizei Zrt. Believes that they will repeat last year's 4.2 million sales, although less than last year.

This is how the beaches of Budapest open upLaszlo Laszlo on the M1 current channel said on Monday: the company had a significant increase in annual sales, up from 2.9 million in 2010 to 4.2 million last year. on Saturday the Pascal Baths and the Palatinus Beach opened, there were just over a thousand people in sales every day in every place, that's okay, since it's only April. Hozzбtette: May 25th and May 26th open the Csillaghegyi and Római Beach beaches, then June 2nd the Pünkцsdfьrdõ beachGray Laszlo also gave birth to the nearly 7,000 square feet of covered baths on the Star Mountains, which are delivered throughout the summer. There are also small refreshments, among them mentioning that the Palatinus has about a thousand square feet of children's playgrounds and the Pascaloe will provide a new pool in mid-May. It costs 2700 HUF (weekdays or weekends), children 3 years and 2100 and 2300 HUF respectively, the entrance fee and the family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) 7100 HUF. 7700 Ft. Even more expensive at the Palatinus -am Saturday-weekend, the adult ticket is 3500Ft, on weekdays 3100Ft, children from 3 years 2400 or more. They can buy in for 2600 HUF and the family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) is 8600 or more. 9600 Ft.Related articles in beach articles:
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