Prepared course at St. Imre's Hospital

Prepared course at St. Imre's Hospital

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The Budapest St. Imre Kurdish School was among the first to launch a mid-eighties training course.

Since then, everyone is trying to get pregnant women to bring forth their children in the most peaceful and natural way possible. We talked about courses with Born New born Born.
- It's about six years since we make the annual program of our courses every year. Because of that, there was a growing desire for women to be present with their father. Even though I personally thought that a father had a right to have a baby, he was initially opposed to a poor worker in the hospital and a part of the old age. As a result of this struggle, Dr. Bartender Sándor stood up for life, with whom we were thinking about how to make our baby more attractive to our mother. In the space of a year, programs that provide information to mothers from conception to postnatal delivery have crystallized. a theme of hбromhavonta ismйtlхdх elхadбssorozat: йletmуd under vбrandуssбg the vizsgбlу eljбrбsok ismertetйse the vбrandуssбg the szьlйs йs the gyermekбgy pszicholуgiбja the szьlйs, egyьttszьlйs йs the alternatнv szьlйs the fбjdalomcsillapнtу eljбrбsok the szьlйsznхk role of the mother-baby szobбk bemutatбsa, breastfeeding and caring for the newborn.
- Do you have any individual questions or problems to discuss?
- Yes. For example, when we talk about the role of our parents, we look at all of her rooms and are constantly looking for requests. As we have been working in the profession for years and decades, we may have forgotten some details that are natural to us, but new to moms. We all find that these lectures and conversations not only reassure parents, but their preparation also makes our work easier. Of course, it took some time for doctors and nurses to accept that if a parent needs her, she should help her knee, squatting or squatting, that is, she should not adapt to her, but to us. However, from the beginning, I feel the great help of having a mother with me who brings her a glass of water and massages it if I need to help another baby. Buttering can take place in the butter room, in the living room, or in the hallway until the beginning of the birth, even in the garden. Of course, there are times when a doctor needs to guide the process, but fortunately ninety-nine percent of the mothers are able to accept it and try to minimize the number of interventions.
The birthplace of St. Imre's Hospital has one double rooming-in rooms, a modern operating room block, so traditional, and an alternate outdoor room, which can be either a marble or a burgundy. In the case of natural childbirth, it is possible to give birth in a chosen position, and to accompany the exercise observer to the new family. Newborn women have been given the opportunity to have a free choice of childbirth by prior arrangement at the initiation of 1997, and are welcome to sign up for maternity.
Further information: www.imreszul.itx.hu
Telephone: 464-8736 / 8600 extension
What does midwifery offer during the course?
During the excitement, in addition to lecturing, moms can participate in the following programs:
- Preparation course every Tuesday from 18 to 19 hours
- Pre-Birth Tournament from Week 12
It aims to prepare the pregnant woman's body for childbirth and to recover as soon as possible. Every Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm with a gymnastics supervisor
- Group relaxation
Relaxation, behavioral therapy exercises help to overcome the anxieties, fears, and process emotional and psychological changes of the mother. Headed by Dr. Bálint Sándor, wednesday 9-10 every Wednesday
- She's pregnant
Processing of births with the participation of parents. Every Tuesday on Thursday 17th
- Baby-mom gymnastics
Possibility as required
- Baby club
Babysitters answer questions about baby care. Every Thursday on the fourth Thursday at 17 o'clock