Maternal stress and the fetus

Maternal stress and the fetus

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The stress of a pregnant mother can have an effect on the fetus in the womb and can have long-lasting consequences, according to a study by the BBC.

Maternal stress and the fetus

Researchers have found a biological change in one of the receptors for stress hormones in fetuses when the mother has been exposed to intense stress, for example because of a violent partner. This change can lead your child to a he is very sensitive in the short term the five are stress.

The punishment causes genetic change!

The results, published in Translational Psychiatry, were based on a small-scale study of 25 women, and currently their children between ten and nineteen. The researchers emphasized that the women in the study were exposed to extreme violence as rarely found in pregnant women. During the study, the that some children have changed the way the gene for the glucocorticoid receptor works. This receptor helps the body respond appropriately to stress. Experienced gene alteration typically occurs at the time of intrauterine development. Such a change in glucocorticoid receptor methylation It makes one more sensitive to stresswhich means that it responds faster to the effect mentally as well as hormonally, so it tends to impulsive, reckless behavior. " Lower stress tolerance limits, and they seem to be more sensitive, "he explained Thomas Elbert head of research at the University of Constance.Baby Room: Brain development with childbirth does not end there. The most advanced brain area is the prefrontal cortex, which also plays a major role in the evolution of our stress response. Because this area is very fragile, unfortunately, negative effects can last for a long time. In addition, the effects of infantile stress can have similar effects to those of a fetal age, the world is dangerous and unpredictable, and will be more sensitive to stress than those who have suffered from it in their fetal age. The brain of a baby who has been left alone to cry alone or is incalculable is regularly shed cortisol they can also reduce situations that are unsafe for the average person. Early stress can make multiple generations more efficient! Read More About Needing Love in a Cmic Book!
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