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Bumps And Reflux - When To Get A Doctor

Bumps And Reflux - When To Get A Doctor

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Fall is a natural occurrence in infancy, but its symptoms are very similar to reflux disease, which in turn requires medical attention.

Bumps And Reflux - When To Get A Doctor (photo: iStock)Dr. Marianne Polgárr pediatrician, gastroenterologist, head doctor of the Buda Allergy Center, told us what kind of complaints should be sought from a doctor.

Causes and Symptoms of Beekeeping

During falls, the stomach contents flow back into the esophagus, and therefore the lungs usually appear in the first two hours after eating. Most of these episodes do not occur briefly or otherwise. In most cases, the development of the problem depends on the apparent development of the glandular closure. As the child ages, the fibula and the muscles between the stomach strengthen. In addition, infants become more sedentary, lean or addictive, which results in the loss of nutrition from the stomach to the esophagus. And the excess quantity, which is also called "simple reflux" - disappears by one year, if not with a greater degree of reflux, vomiting. Very few infants do not cease to complain and develop "reflux disease". According to scientific surveys, the frequency of falls falls in the indicated range of infants:
  • At 3 months, 50% of infants
  • At 4 months 67%
  • At 10-12 months of age, recurrence and / or vomiting occurs at 5%.

Treatment of downs or simple reflux

  • In the case of breast-fed infants, small quantities of dense dietary supplements, as recommended by the pediatrician, are already denser AR (antireflux) diets.
  • It is useful for positioning, so-called post-pay, planting, and raising the head.
  • Abdominal lying should be avoided so that the fallen formula does not enter and aspirate into the baby's nose. More frequent feeding is recommended.
  • According to the new medical profession, the composition of the germ bacterium also has its effects on the downsides, so a well-selected probiotic is recommended for the development of a more favorable goiter.
  • Medication is only needed for severe reflux disease.

When it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist

We talk about severe reflux disease in the event that the baby falls back a lot or throws up more than a few times a day. If the amount of lost diets is high, the child is below the age range for weight gain, may be thicker, leaner, tend to swallow, refuse to eat, and eat a meal during eating. Blood can be found in the meninges, common cough, cancers, and vitamin deficiency can also occur.Accessory diagnosis of carcinoma of the nasopharyngitis and pneumonia can occur in these cases.
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