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The fur coat keeps the baby warm even when it's freezing cold outside. We have collected a few aspects that can help you make your choice.

Nuvita Pop Bundazsбk
Can be fitted with zipper and zipper, removable, so it can be fully open, adjustable hood compression - lower part of the toe can be opened with a zipper, breathable, waterproof
With colder times, you should not miss your daily breathing, so your baby will gradually become accustomed to minus degrees. However, his finances are still immature, and it can be easy to fall asleep outdoors. The layered dress is over wrap it in a soft cloth or put it in a fur coat. What is the most appropriate?

Shut up!

Warm and ventilated

It is important to keep the bag warm and to sit still. This depends not only on the thickness of the bag but also on the material. The polar or chamois, fur or linen inner layer and lightweight polyester padding is protected from the cold, while the waterproof or impermeable outer surface is both shade and moisture resistant.Nuvita Junior Fur Coat
Belsх material bбrsony, kasmнr-йrzйsы, very soft йs lйlegzх material ezйrt keep the baby testйnek melegйt, vнzбllу йs lйlegzх anyagbуl kйszьlt the lбbzsбk kicipzбrozhatу, kapucnijбnak цsszehъzбsa бllнthatу - univerzбlis model ezйrt suitable for all baby carriages, tйpхzбras nyнlбs talбlhatу the hбtoldalon where the belt can be wound

Fit to body

Nuvita Smart Bundazsбk
breathable, lightweight - keeps heat, water and breathable, the front part is fully zippered - the hood can be folded, the lower part of the foot can be opened.pepita.hu The retractable head protects the baby's most sensitive spot from the cold. Foldable from practically multiple sides, the foldable bag is designed for easy transfer, even for a baby sleeping. You can take advantage of the butterfly bag if the little one is still sniffing at it. Keeping the bag in the stroller, except the large bag, but carrying it in the stroller in the stroller will make it easier for you to fit on your body.

Get into the stroller

The most suitable stroller for your stroller is the one that fits your model. The large stroller also incorporates the classic fur coat, making the sports stroller more like a mummy. Thanks to the slip on the back of the bag, the baby does not slip off even with its slightly raised back. When carrying a carrier or sports car, the belt must fit exactly, so it is important that the bags have three-point or mid-point openings.
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