5 Things Your Baby Needs for Kids

5 Things Your Baby Needs for Kids

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Moving and singing the pupils improves the rhythmic senses. Putting the doll in your hand allows the child to become self-reliant, giving birth to a whole new set of features and helping retarded children to relax.

5 Things Your Baby Needs for KidsFurther positives of bubbling Szilvia Licsбr we talked with a teacher, a playground expert.

It helps in the story-telling, the processing of the results

Shaving is especially recommended for our kids. The baby friend feels secure in his hands, because he is not, but the baby who shares his thoughts more boldly. A good solution, for example, is to ask a baby-friend about the day of your child's school day, barely telling anything about the event, and interpret the event. This is useful not only for us but also for us: you can organize your findings and draw conclusions within them. It can redefine difficult situations and conflicts, making them easier to process.

Improves communication

A puppy-friend is usually much more talkative than his little owner, so puppeteering is a great butler developer: you can practice your child's concepts, expressions, and learn correct speech, pronunciation and pronunciation. He also teaches gesturing, voice training and body language. It improves eye-to-hand coordination, and moves and puns the rhythmic senses.

Conducting emotions, developing intelligence

For toddlers, the doll acts as a lively character, so it is a big change for the dolls. In games, too, social ability and sensibility are manifested: hidden aggression, negative feelings, hostility, and increased irritability. In the lugs, these sensations can be released without consequences, negative feelings are solved and derailed, problems arose and resolved. Emotions also help the transformation of feelings. With these, you can help multiply emotions, recognize and identify one's own feelings. Now, we can be more curious about the senses of others. Aggressive solving, tension management, and sensory senses can also teach you to transform your senses and to frame your experiences.

The baby-friend can help us as parents, too

Have we been born multiple times to pack up games or go swimming? No results? Let's try the same thing with a bunch! If they ask a friend, the child will often be willing to do something that we do not, for the umpteenth request. But it can also help when you need to take medicine or brush your teeth. You can play a real role as a role model in such situations.

You also fight wings

In addition to telling everyday stories, telling and singing, as an example, the baby can be completely lost in the truth, as moving the baby can change a lot of tales and fiction. Different characters, human characters, appear in the tales, and the concept of humor or honor can be more easily conceived through the practice of shaving. Just like fantasy, so do stories, and in different situations, baby-friendly friends can appear.

The most famous guys

In India, China and Japan the importance of pupping has a great tradition, and in Europe, puppeteering began to spread around the time of the Roman Empire. Each country is known for its distinctive doll figure - for example, French Guignol, English Punch or Russian Petruska. The most well-known figure in our country is not afraid of Laszlo Laszlo, who ends up with his pancakes in the face of his controversy, but the clumsy Jancsi Paprika, the inhabitants of Futrinka Street and the bare-breasted Shisha are similarly popular.
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