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A European-level fight begins for the Emergency Response Team

A European-level fight begins for the Emergency Response Team

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Vaccinations are safe and effective, but the number of people who have rejected vaccines has increased in a number of unique Member States.

The rejection is linked to the lack of trust in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines worldwide - the European Commission said.European-level battle begins for emergency response (photo: iStock) Vytenis AndriukaitisThe Eurуpai Bizottsбg egйszsйgьgyйrt йs йlelmiszerbiztonsбgйrt felelхs Commissioner for Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezettel (WHO) kцzцsen, arranged Brьsszelben elsх Vйdхoltбsьgyi Vilбgkonferencia sajtуtбjйkoztatуjбn margуjбn held, said the utуbbi idхben vilбgszerte accelerated megelхzhetх the vйdхoltбssal betegsйgek, kцztьk the kanyarу terjedйse.Az elmъlt hбrom йvben hйt orszбg, kцztьk Thus, the European country has lost its no-turn status, and the steep rise in bends that began last year has continued this year. In 2019, there have been as many world-wide afflictions as ever since 2006: about 90,000 cases have been reported in the WHO European region, and more than 365,000 worldwide have been reported in the first half of the year they can often cause serious side effects, 38 percent said they are excluded from the diseases they need to protect against, and 31 percent are convinced that they can weaken the immune system. This tцbbek kцzцtt the digitбlis йs kцzцssйgi mйdiбban the vйdхoltбsok tudhatу increasingly inkбbb terjedх fйlretбjйkoztatбsnak connection йs elхnyeivel kockбzataival - figyelmeztetett.A bizalomhiбny kцvetkeztйben jelentхsen csцkken the бtoltottsбg, although the high бtoltottsбg essential for immunitбs biztosнtбsбhoz, hiбnya can lead to frequent betegsйg megjelenйsйhez, jбrvбnyok kitцrйsйhez . WHO has identified the mistrust of vaccinees - with false safety, lack of confidence and comfort - as the most important factor in global health. admit that йlen also Magyarorszбg vilбgviszonylatban jбr the бtoltottsбgot illetхen, йs kiemelkedх lakossбg confidence in the Hungarian vйdхoltбsrendszerben - said Horvбth Ildikу egйszsйgьgyйrt felelхs бllamtitkбr Brьsszelben.Horvбth Ildikу said цrvend serious elismerйsnek to Magyarorszбg йlen jбr the vйdхnхi hбlуzat, йs the hбzi - as well as in the exceptional functioning of relationships with mothers and families through pediatric care. The high level of vaccination among Hungarians ensures that a disease cannot cure "There will be no development in Hungary, as it has been in the immediate vicinity," he said.
"Most importantly, the anyбk йs the csalбdok megйrtsйk, Why can the importance of their children йlete йs egйszsйgьk megхrzйse йrdekйben biztosнtani vйdettsйget the vйdхoltбsok posts by these people" - the hangsъlyozta.Az бllamtitkбr egйszsйgьgyet йrintх, said the Internet цsszefьggйsben terjedх бlhнrekkel the megtйvesztйsek йs hazugsбgok cause rendkнvьli kбrokat, fertхzх Diseases can allow a world-wide spread. He stated that vaccination, vaccination is a matter of human destiny. Because of its discovery, there are no mass deaths due to diseases or laws. The fate of nations and nations determines how well a country can protect people against infectious diseases, and protect people.Hungland has the highest level of safety, quality and quality. It is a 100 year compulsory immunization program in which one hundred percent is the ratio of those vaccinated for free. Hungary is the world leader at this level. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) also acknowledged Hungary's good practice in this regard, added Ildikó Horváth.
  • The majority of Hungarians are in favor of the emergency vaccinations
  • In Europe, fewer people trust vaccines
  • Vaccination can become increasingly dangerous