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Baby house at home

Baby house at home

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A dollhouse visit for a small child is a true theater status. It is easier for you to understand what you see if you are already familiar with the story. We choose a show that has been told many times, or is done by a simple, few actor.

After the presentation, look at the displayed pictures, dolls and talk about who did what he said. Traditional solutions are closer to a beginner's theater than modern processing. Let's talk about some of the twists and turns in the story afterwards: what was other than what we were talking about? You don't need an absolutely small baby screen and a fair amount of dolls for each fairy tale - even though it gives the baby a lot of fun - enough of a nice, soft figure to identify with, and a wicked witch.

Socks are also great for games

Bбbjainkkal we can play situations that happen in our own lives again, occasionally enriched with other twists and turns.
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