Neonatal skin diseases

Neonatal skin diseases

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The skin plays an important role in the regulation of the skin, in the protection against infections, and in the adaptation to the world. The complexity and complexity of the complexity of the complexity of the skin during the New Year's Eve are explained by the unexpected reactions.

Neonatal skin diseases

Her newborn skin

The nature and color of the skin of the newborn also refers to the baby's maturity. Healthy mature newborn skin is fluffy.

Newborn Skin Characteristics, Newborn Skin Care

At birth, the skin is covered with a gray, greasy, thick substance (fetal honey) consisting of sebaceous material and detached sperm cells. There is no need, not even an eliminationbecause it provides protection against infections. In a few days the baths are partly absorbed and washed away when they are bathed

Newborn skin is different from adult skin:

  • The thinner the skin, it is more prone to bruising.
  • The competition is reduced, the sebaceous glands are not working, so the skin is drier and less healthy.
  • Bad temperature control (mock skin).
  • Highly sensitive to irritating materials, care should be taken with disinfectants.
  • It is more susceptible to infections of the gonads, because there is no defective bacterial flora, but in the newborn skin there is still an open wound.

Commonly occurring, typically neonatal skin diseases

New Year's Eve Allergic Erythma (Dermatitis)

For newborns, see Figures 2-4. patches of skin, or blemishes occur between days. the skin is prominent, tiny, foolish, good-tempered. Red patches are prominent on the stock, on the back and on the shoulders, prominent on the skin stupid differences. Skin changes are sometimes flea-like, varying in number and ranging from 1 to 2. The general condition of the newborn is not influenced by the skin. Usually they disappear in just a few days, but there are some cases where there may be up to 3 weeks more and more recent skin changes. No need to handle, is organized by itself.


Mature newborns are predominantly transiently weighty, gцbцcskйk they can be seen on the nose, on the cheeks and over the lips. They are likely to come on to produce maternal hormones. Without treatment, they disappear in a few weeks.

Impetigo Neonatorium (уtvar)

Supple, loose-walled bricks that open very quickly. They may occur in the first week or later in life. Okozуja baktйrium: Staphylococcus bacterium. Warm, humid and poor hygiene conditions help to develop. Moths appear above the skin, and underneath the moths, you may need a medical examination.

Diseases of the senders

The normal stigma szбraz, to keep the hair dry and clean, it is not necessary to alcoholize it, and to swab it with swab powder containing hexachlorophene (for the most part it was the preferred treatment method). THE inflammation of the genital tract caused by pus there may be a few days after birth. The amniotic fluid is moist. The surrounding skin is red, swollen. Moisture and warm conditions are favorable for the spread of infection. Get medical attention immediately.

Any changes that have occurred within

Mature newborns may occur on the toes bloody blistersthat are still produced inside the uterus. They heal up soon, they don't need to do anything.

Seborrheic dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)

Hairy scalp, face, ears, bends, tufts specific to the skin, pale in color, with minimal penetration (curvature of the prominent area of ​​the skin). Its causes are unclear, and it can play a role in its maternal hormonal effects. Yellowing reddish lumps, flushed areas can also be observed in diaper-covered areas. The hunger disappears in the next month, the process goes out, and then, in adolescence, it is revived again. The disease is a malignant disease that can cure in most infants within a few weeks. Treatment: Scalp loading is often difficult to eliminate. You can use the popular but lightly rancid sunflower oil, but better use of a suitable cream topped with skin cream. Before bathing, we make oil and creme wraps for the baby's head, which also separates the strongest build-up. For other skin areas, skin and pediatrician develops "oil in water" type creams, which can be used to repair the skin.
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