What can be the cause of skin disorders?

What can be the cause of skin disorders?

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Occasionally, rashes appear on the skin for a number of reasons, and it is no accident that this is the most common complaint we make with skin rash.

These may be the causes of skin irritationFortunately, there is now a complex examination that can help determine the cause of symptoms in a short period of time.

Many people suffer because of the chlorine in Nyra

It is not a sign of allergies, but an increased sensitization. irritant eczema - yes, this is what causes eczema-like symptoms in the affected person to bathe in the water - explains dr. Vincze Ildikouis a specialist in skin care cosmetics at the Buda Allergy Center. Symptoms occur at the site of contact, in the form of red, itchy, wet vesicles, swelling.

Shower gels, creams and spices

Even when consumed, or in contact with the skin, certain herbal remedies can cause allergic symptoms. When consumed, most commonly, cinnamon, vanilla, garlic, pepper and paprika cause gastrointestinal symptoms, but skin irritation can also occur. Medicinal herbs used as a fragrance in cosmetics can also lead to fraud and eczema.

Skin can also be a sign of diarrhea!

DHD (dermatitis herpetiformis) may also be a sign if very itchy, small blistering lesions appear mainly on the extremities, mild, small and small areas, and disappear over time. In addition to DHD, patients often have asymptomatic lymphoid fibrosis (known as celiac disease), which causes death of the lumps. If confirmed by examinations, a gluten-free diet is required to treat skin conditions.

It can also be caused by mosquito dust

Detergents and rinse aids can also cause allergic symptoms. Some kйszнtmйnyek 10-15 fйle цsszetevхbхl also бllhatnak - stains eltбvolнtбsбt enzymes vйgzik the ruhбk puhasбgбйrt the cellulбz, fehйrsйgьkйrt the organic peroxide vegyьletek meet but tцkйletes tisztasбg йrdekйben the цsszetevхk kцzt included mйg felьletaktнv hatуanyagok, leoldуszerek йs szнnvйdхk, the poralakъ and detergents can also contain nickel and cobalt, which can easily be something that we are more sensitive to when we are in contact with our skin during the day.

Fruits and additives

Artificial colorings, preservatives, aromas can also cause fraud. Sensitivity can develop at any age, and this is why the foods we used to eat without complaint (eg, spices, sweeteners, sweeteners, sweeteners, In such cases, maintenance of a non-preservative-free diet is recommended. Fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, algae, kiwi, pineapple can stand in the back, especially in young children or cause allergies in adults.

Illuminating drugs

Certain medications can be taken safely in the fall and in the spring, but in the spring and summer they increase the effect of sunlight, causing a so-called photo-toxic reaction, which can cause sunburn and blistering of the skin in a short period of time. In addition to wearing short trousers, it is common to develop red, itchy, and often blistering skin on the shoulders, forearms to the polar line, neck, décolleté, and face.

Furokumarin in plants

Some plants are also able to cause such a reaction, the symptoms appearing on the skin, a substance that causes photosensitivity, furocoumarine - most commonly parsley, celery and other weeds. If this substance gets on the skin, it will intensify and exert sunlight like symptoms: the skin will appear red, itchy, with painful blisters.

An examination can help you discover the cause

Dr. Ildikou Vincze said that there are other causes besides the ones listed above, and that it is very important to thoroughly examine the patient when investigating such complaints. Before we consult a doctor, do we think about the circumstances when our complaints occurred? What did we eat before, did we use any cosmetics, did we try a new detergent, or do we take any medicine? multiplex allergy test too. Instead of a lengthy examination, it is possible to check with a single test which component of a particular food, spice, or environmental allergen is causing the complaints. Testing the contact sensitivity with another method called with an epicutan test Possible. A symptom-free status can only be achieved if you manage to identify and eliminate the allergies you have selected - by eliminating the problem, for example, by replacing the food, laundry or cosmetics - by eliminating the cause.Related articles in this issue:
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