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A boy's mom's diary

A boy's mom's diary

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When I found out I was going to have a little boy, I was not going to chant, I got a small shock. I was counting on another. Mбsra? He's the opposite. For a little girl. Vivien Meday confesses with motherhood.

A diary of a boy's mom

I wound it up in pink turtlenecks, heart puns, and all the pink kits that only a woman can imagine. How life brought it. How good are you! My son was born, who in the blink of an eye stole my heart and dropped him into life. She overlooked my frothy muses, and showed me a world I didn't know existed before. For us women, our fantasies start at an incredible speed and our minds rise to a level that men only dream about. For example, who's going to bring the little one home in the carpet, or where the Mickey Mouse sticker might go on the wall, or whether or not the diaper bag is going to go with the blue Melange stroller. All the nonsense I'm crying for now, but of course I was able to not talk to my husband for two days because something didn't work out the way I planned. In a minute I was bribing myself. Will be my son = I'm cool. It's that simple! At that time, I had no idea that I was going through such profound changes that I couldn't even think of, because I was in an unfamiliar area. As if he had never made it. I'm not picking it up in the shop or in the clothes, but slowly on the walls, and I could look at my friend with such a narrow eye who loved the glamorous girlfriends that she'd missed! Well, that's the amount that went through the tube. My husband also noted the other day that if I keep going, we won't need any color-fastened cloths, because we're all in the blue anyway !!! All moms are perfectly aware that it is completely unnecessary to spend a fortune, because a son is dressed in a dirty dress / bony kid's life. It's okay to have spaghetti on your poo, the hair in your hair, and the fact that there are spots in your pants that you will never get rid of. That's for sure! Let go! Which kid is not dirty is not happy. This is powerfully true of a little boy. Like, that one day should be not 48 ounces, but 48 ounces, you have so much to do. I thought it was sacred to me that I made the brightest days of my life on 4-day Balaton Sound, but today I know that the 4-day Duplou is at 40 degrees, much more faithful. nyьzsgйst. But I know somebody who's even harder than me. Zínnou takes the art to the finest level. He's a real, lively little boy running from 7am to 8pm, running right and left as if he were hanging out. But seriously, this is the type of kid who still carries food in the car because he doesn't have time for stuff like feeders and comedians in feeders. I don't know how you are with it, but my child is sickly attracted to all beetles and strange animals that I can't even see on a poster. Perhaps this is one of the hardest parts of a mother's life. Not to run out of the world when Zinni finds out that Mother Pooh !!! (jersey name: puk), and fluttering a tarantula that probably just escaped from the zoo.Now, at least I learned something. Because studying is a very important thing in a mom's life, because he has many things he has never encountered before. The reason a kid develops and expands on the world, but I never thought about how much new knowledge I get. I know, for example, what a cultivator is and what relaxes the world best.
I could order vehicles on a size basis, from the racing car to the concrete mixer.
I know who Tractor Tom is, and also Thomas, the best friend of the steam locomotive.
Since I have a little boy, I can scream with childish enthusiasm if you find a muffin!
Riggen was just that much about the Zara lubricant. It is also quite normal for me to crawl out of the shower with my little boy and put myself on top of the toy hairs to Kaaaaalooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! My creativity has become limitless. I can make anything out of anything, but really anything. Cellux case, padded rubber, and pencil, but you also love to make any kind of vehicle out of the Fashion Days boxes. Not only am I a mother, but a DIY master, a captain, a police officer, a fireman, and, well, a treasurer if you are out there. I can buy anything that makes him happy.And what makes me happy? The boy mother is very much like. A boy can show his love for his mother much, but much better, than a little girl. Mother-son love is an overwhelming, boundless, inexhaustible love. The best thing that could happen to me. The best thing is to be a mother to a little boy! (Of course, the same thing is true for mother-in-law, since everyone has their own baby to do the most, and that's fine!)