Breastfeeding Tips: Nasal congestion, reflux, stomach ache

Breastfeeding Tips: Nasal congestion, reflux, stomach ache

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Weaning is one of the most commonly used and popular breastfeeding positions. However, there are situations where you need to change.

Find the right position

If your baby is struggling with nasal congestion, reflux, or stomach, try the following positions. They make things easier.

Breastfeeding breasts in case of reflux

If your baby is struggling with reflux, it's best to in a bad position breastfeeding. Not the most comfortable, but it helped him a lot. You may also want to try sitting on the bed and putting him or her in front of you. The baby's body should be in an upright position so gravity helps the digestion. If your baby does not eat like that, then you should really wake up and breastfeed or stop breastfeeding. Gentle exercise soothes and begins to eat.It is also very important that a after the breastfeeding for 15-20 minutes should be in an addictive position the baby. Put it on your shoulder or place it in a baby. After feeding, never lay it down, carrying it at an angle of at least 45 degrees, as it exerts pressure on the larynx, which can only gravitate to reflux.

Breastfeeding breasts for stomach

Positions used for reflux dolls also help babies struggling with bloating. Milk does not flow directly down into the baby's mouth they can control the flow of milk, which helps prevent stomach upset. If you find that your baby has a tendency to stomach, it may be because he eats and swallows a lot of breath while sucking.

Nursing breasts in case of nasal congestion

If your baby is cold and nose blocked, use a different breastfeeding position. You can try the poses we have already mentioned, to have the baby's body in an upright position when eating. What you might want if you both of you lie down on a bedversus each other.Have you noticed that it is harder for you to breathe when you go to bed when you get cold? The same applies to babies, so be sure to lie on your side and not on your back when your nose is blocked. Plus a tip: try breastfeeding in a couple of places (like the bathroom).

Breastfeeding breasts in case of severe reflux

If you have a strong reflux of milk, your milk will flow out of your breast excessively and excessively. The baby's stomach fills up too quickly, it can swell or fall back. If you want to face gravity, breastfeed, as with nasal congestion. Lie face to face on the bed. This baby is the baby it can push your breasts harderif you feel it, suddenly a lot of breast milk has entered your mouth.

Breastfeeding breasts if you have trouble getting your nipple

If your baby is having trouble "joining" your breast, try a variety of breastfeeding positions until you find out what works. There are some who ward off because you see when your baby is having trouble breastfeeding. For others, close body contact is established in supine position.Source: Thebump.Related articles in breastfeeding:
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