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Symptoms and treatment of Campylobacter infections in children

Symptoms and treatment of Campylobacter infections in children

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Campylobacter primarily causes diarrhea. How dangerous is this infection and how can we prevent it?

What is Campylobacter infection?

Campylobacter is a bacterial organism that causes intestinal infections, and its members develop diarrheal complaints: a large quarter of these diseases can be attributed to them. The problems they cause most often occur in children two to four years old.

Symptoms of Campylobacter infection

The main symptoms of infection are gastroenteritis, including vomiting and diarrhea. All of this is due to poor state, depressed state, abdominal pain, occasionally severe spasms, diarrhea can be some bloody and bloody. Occasionally high fever of 39-40 degrees can occur. Occasionally the fever is the sole symptom of fever, and gastrointestinal complaints do not develop. The infection usually occurs within four to five days, it spontaneously heals and the infectious agent leaves the body. In very rare and very serious cases, the infection may also spread through the blood stream: organs outside the digestive tract may then become ill.

Diagnosis and treatment of Campylobacter infection

The presence of the disease is based on the symptoms, and a diagnosis of the disease requires a specimen of the fetus and its laboratory analysis. Its treatment is basically symptomatic. the disease usually spontaneously heals. This time, your child does not need to take antibiotics, the most important is the liquid and ion pulverization. This is also important because little ones lose a lot of fluids, which can make you sick without tiring, and overexposure to potassium deficiency leads to diarrhea in yourself. It may need stomach release and flame retardation.

High fever is common in Campylobacter infections

An antibiotic will only be prescribed by a specialist if the condition of the small patient does not improve significantly within a couple of days and the examination of the baby confirms that the infection is caused by the bacterium Campylobacter.

Prevention of Campylobacter infection

Campylobacter well bears the heat, but does not skin. For this reason, it is important that you not only heat the trimmings on the poplar, but also boil them and cook them. The goiter often occurs in frozen foods, especially frozen poultry. For this reason, make sure you only consume such things well. The disease is basically animal-transmitted, from poultry and cattle to other foodstuffs and directly to the human body. Bovine intestinal bacteria are present in cattle, so animal flesh does not pose a risk, but raw milk does. For this reason, it is important that you heat the milk you buy on the market! cool down any remaining food first, at or below 5 degrees Celsius, as higher temperatures are conducive to the proliferation of germs.

Useful information about Campylobacter

From the point of view of healing, it is very important that children have a strong intestinal flora, so taking probiotics may be helpful. The latter is especially important when someone has a sensitive internal system. Harasta Edit wound for gastroenterology.More articles in this topic:
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