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Salmonella Kaposvron: Lots of small children have become ill

Salmonella Kaposvron: Lots of small children have become ill

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Since the beginning of August, the third salmonella sweep has been in the Kaposvári wanderings until the end, nearly 100 small children have fallen ill, but it is not always possible to know exactly what - on

Nйhбny announced the date kaposvбri цnkormбnyzat fуrumot to give the vбlaszokat felmerьlх kйrdйsekre, rйszt took this йrintett szьlхkцn kнvьl the bцlcsхdei vezetхk йs dolgozуk, the county tisztifхorvos the kormбnyhivatal йlelmiszerbiztonsбgi fхosztбlyбnak munkatбrsa, hбziorvosok йs Kaposvбr jegyzхje, Star Gbor also - write to The clerk said that there was no correlation between the operation of the kitchen and the disease, the kitchen and the raw materials of the company that handled the institution were constantly checked, but in each case they produced negative results.Lots of Small Children Become Salmonella (Illustration Illustrated) "Erzsébet Fadgyas county officer reported that all children and workers who had hunger had been vaccinated; As well as the food safety experts of the Government Office, who, in addition to the kitchen of Menza Sample Ltd., have also examined the work of the company and its suppliers, it has been stated that it could be ruled out that some food had fallen out"- read in the article.However, for parents' requests - for example, if you are not kind, then where did you go for the last three months to address the problem? "I find it outrageousto suggest that a lack of institutional, home hygiene, caring and parents responsibility has led to a return. " sick children can go back to the community only after two negative specimens. The full article can be read here. Also worth reading:
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