Chloasma during pregnancy

Chloasma during pregnancy

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Chloasma is a slowly developing, persistent, mainly feminine skin condition that is completely harmless but can cause a lot of aesthetics.

Chloasma during pregnancyChloasma (melasma, or mбjfolt also known as "dark skin", a disease commonly affecting women between the ages of 20 and 50, which often occurs in pregnant women.

A chloasma

The liver spot develops as a result of increased melanin production in the skin and occurs in 90% of women between the ages of 20 and 50 years. Children do not experience this change of skin. The liver spot develops primarily on the darker skin. Several factors may play a role in the development of chloasma. In addition to the csalбdi цrцklхdйs napsugбrzбs the hormonбlis vбltozбsok (terhessйg, thyroid betegsйg, fogamzбsgбtlу szedйse tablet), the fйnyйrzйkenysйget okozу gyуgyszerek szedйse, certain cosmetics tovбbbб hasznбlata йs the emocionбlis stress szintйn Possible okkйnt under szerepel.Terhessйg frequency bхrproblйma can chloasma, 15 At that time, about 50% of them have a blemish. At this point, rising estrogen, progesterone and MSH in the third trimester are responsible for the symptoms. Fortunately, during pregnancy, mumps that occurs during pregnancy can spontaneously regress.

A chloasma for you

The bird spot develops in areas where the skin has been exposed to excessive sunlight.
Symmetrical, characteristic brown spots appear most often on the cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lip, belly and clamp. In the summer, the patches of sunlight intensify and become very weak.

Diagnosis and treatment of chloasma

Diagnosis of the liver spot is by physical examination and examination. Tannins with Wood Lantern can distinguish superfluous and deeper pigmentation. Chloasma is difficult to treat; SPF has a 30-50 mark, which also covers the UVA-UVB range. If possible, it is advisable to also discontinue the pregnancy pill. Monitoring of thyroid function is also recommended in case of a mild spot. Use of topical whitening creams (eg topical retinoid cream, 20% azelaic acid, locally mild to moderate strength steroid). Combination skin-whitening creams (dermocosmetics) are a big help in case of a liver blemish. Possible side effects include dermatitis, irritation and skin irritation.Look out for this if you have a liver spot!If you find that the pigmentation spot changes in size, shape or color, itching or itching, be sure to check your skin for screening for malignancy.Verified by: Dr. Annamabia of Rozsa.Related articles about poultry, mole during pregnancy:
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