The Coxsackie virus

The Coxsackie virus

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The Coaxsackie virus is probably the first name you know. But if you say hand-foot-mouth syndrome or blistering of the throat, it sounds familiar.


Many people respond to hearing hand-foot-and-mouth syndrome and suspect that they are primarily those with a child who has a cravings or an enlightenment. Indeed, it is a disease that has very unpleasant symptoms that can only be alleviated. However, the hand-foot-syndrome is only one of the diseases caused by the Coxsackie virus.

The Coxsackie is short

The special name Dr. Gilbert Dalldorf after Coxsackie in New York. Research on newborn mice has led to the discovery of this virus, which was first discovered in humans in 1949. It is also a major cause of gastrointestinal infections. Most of the short-term cancers can be seen on the body, but it can also have very serious events. pleura, causes liver disease.

Hand-foot disease

Hand-foot disease is one of the most well-known diseases of children attending pre-school community. The most common symptom is a oral blisterswhich a on the arm, leg, sole and farpole appear. There is a very unpleasant symptom that is a viszketйs besides, because of the touch of the mouth, the difficulty of eating, йtvбgytalansбggal too.

Hand-foot disease

In addition to itching, it can also be febrile and feverish fever, lethargy and throat.The disease spreads through direct contact, shots, stems, or defects, and mainly for people under 10 years of age, but also occurs in adulthood.The latency is 3-6 days, and the disease itself is mostly trouble-free heals in 7-10 days.As a hand-mouth disease infectiousness persists with symptoms for up to several weekstherefore, hygiene is an important part of prevention: frequent and thorough soap washing, and the disinfection of baby toys, pacifiers and glasses. If the infected child is still a diaper, then we ourselves should be thoroughly disinfected after changing the diaper. If there are brothers and sisters, be careful not to eat each other's food, and to use each other's cutlery as far as possible. If you are very uncomfortable with eating or drinking because of blisters in your mouth, you may want to ask your child's home doctor for a special brush to help alleviate this discomfort. Larger kids can get a flush. Smaller people should try to rinse with water after every meal! Skin blisters can relieve irritation with plant butter: we can use cocoa butter or shea butter. folyadйk-utбnpуtlбs Also, what can be facilitated by giving your child a drink by heart. It is worth avoiding spicy, juicy and sour foods, acidic (lemon, orange, sour) drinks. Kids can eat cold foods more easily: in these cases, therapeutic ice cream and ice cream are very good, but cold yogurt, chilled and spicy meals can also make eating easier.


I am nven blistering of the throat, which is a disease mainly caused by Coxsackie virus in young children.Typical symptoms:
  • sudden onset of high fever
  • throat and neck pain
  • infantile vomiting
  • whitish-white blisters appearing on the pharynx and flap, which become pale
  • vйgtagfбjdalom
  • swallowing pain
Similar to the hand-foot syndrome, the pain and crampingthat we can help with, and at the same time, pay close attention to the correct fluid refill, which should always be cold, neutral fluids (tea, fresh water, water).

Herpangina - Acute sore throat

The disease can heal within a week.

More serious events

Very rarely, but Coxsackie virus can get into the brain and cause viral meningitis or encephalitis. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, headache, stiff stiffness, and muscle pain. The virus may develop additional painful events. mellhбrtyagyulladбs: pain in the chest and upper part of the abdomen that occurs in seizures. Fever, severe sweating, paleness, painful breathing. However, it can be very dangerous in newborns and infants, and it is also caused by the virus. szнvizomgyulladбs including fever and diarrhea, and unfortunately a very high mortality rate. In these cases, the mother's Coxsackie virus infection can usually be present in the background.
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