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Cleanse Throat FeathersMost Celebrity Statements

Cleanse Throat FeathersMost Celebrity Statements

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In the fall of England, the Campaign for Science campaigner has put together a list of the most astonishing scientific celebrity announcements. The campaign aims to stop the stupidity from spreading.

Thick and throat

One of the "winners" of the 2011 year was a currency show star,Nicole Polizzi, a Republican candidate, Michelle Bachmannand the American singer-songwriter, Suzi Quatro too. The latter, in an interview with Daily Mail, said he had received advice on permanently returning his throat to a person who said that his illness had begun to thicken once a day. Melita Gordon however, gastroenterologist is targeting the idea that the thickness would be the hotbed of every disease, and while the skin does play a role in some diseases, inflammation of the throat - caused by a nasal and oral infection - is by no means the same.

Vaccination and mental decline

Michelle Bachmann During her television show, she told of a female conscience who had become mentally retarded after receiving HPV vaccine for cervical cancer. The campaign manager, Tracey Brown believes that such statements by celebrities are very dangerous because the public tend to lend them unconditionally, so a sentence like the one above can deter many from receiving a very useful preventive vaccine.


The third known person, Polizzi he made the most shocking statement when he stated that he did not like the ocean beaches because there is a lot of sharks, and because of the sperm of our calves, the water is too cold. Simon Boxall however, an oceanographer is targeting this post because it would take a lot of bullies to keep their sperm on ocean water.

Fucking feet

Finally, stay here for the scientific conclusion Christian Louboutin, a French shoe designer who has heard at a party that high heels make women's feet attractive because that foot is in the same position as orgasm. That is, if we hold our feet in such a situation, we can expect to be in a wonderful state of being soon. Kevan Wylie according to your sexual advisor, it is still possible for a woman to keep her foot orgasm so hot, but it does not mean that she picks up this orgasm every time.