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Prayers are prone to low IQ

Prayers are prone to low IQ

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In the case of children born only a few weeks before the given time, it is worth paying close attention to IQ, as the long-term adverse effect on your child's early childhood.

Nicole Talge and staff at the University of Michigan at Week 40 and 34-36. compared children born between one week and another. It has been found that, in the latter case, the risk of having a child with an Intelligence Index (IQ) of 85 is about twice as long as the child reaches the age of six.According to a December study by Pediatrics, not all children face the problem, but they are much more likely to develop attention deficit or low IQ. Cheryl Milford, a specialist at Magee Women's Kourrbaz (Pittsburgh), added that this was due to the fact that she was 34-36. Within a week, a number of high-level brain organization development processes begin. It is not uncommon for an event-free pregnancy to last for 40 weeks.
The study examined 168 children twice - members of one group temporarily, the other members 34-36. they came out in the week. Children were born between 1983 and 1985, tested for IQ at the age of six, and teachers reported on school behavior. Researchers have found that the probability of staying below IQ 85 is about twice as high in premature infants, but that it is also important to consider emotional problems and distractions.