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Psychological planning of family planning

Psychological planning of family planning

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Family fraud is a big task in all people's lives, regardless of how much they believe in it. Mostly we can hear about its existential and medical conditions, but just as important for the development of a healthy family is psychological health.

A new family is being born

The concept of family has changed a lot in your past century. The previous multi-generation family that grandparents, parents, and children lived together has been replaced by a nuclear family that has two generations, parents, and their children. Creating a family also needs a child, meaning that with the birth of the first child, a new family is born. This means major changes for the couple in many respects. Most strikingly, the newcomer needs attention and attention, care and nurturing, which every fresh parent needs to practice.
Less controversial, but at least equally important, transformations are taking place in the family structure. Adults need to learn to match the roles of parents and mothers, namely mothers and fathers, in a combination of both male and female roles so that they do not compromise on either one. This is a very difficult task, which can be tricked out by the family cheaters. However, as with all difficult tasks, it is possible to prepare for this not only by looking at the financial challenges of family-based infantry and the medical conditions of childbirth, but also by accepting that the same is true of a family.

Harmonious relationship, harmonious family

Coherence, synchronicity of interaction between the members of a couple, is what determines the quality of our relationship. This is true for relationships with coworkers, friends, but also for parent-child relationships and relationships. It is the latter, that is, the harmony of the relationship, which, by definition, is the basic condition for the later balanced family life. Of course, you are right to wonder how the harmonic nature of a relationship can be determined. On the other hand, it is relatively difficult for a stranger to overcome this, but it is fortunate for someone who wants to say something about their relationship, because he or she is listening to it. Research has shown that when I enjoy a lot of interaction with a couple, they feel happy, and that happiness and good sense are needed to tune into one another.
However, in a more direct way, it is possible to formulate what makes a couple fit for a family. The results of recent surveys suggest that the most important element of long-term, or family-based, relationships is the deep trust between the couple. Trust, as the basis of all human relationships, is even more important in our day because of the rapid changes in society and the relatively better existential conditions that preceded it. In other words, perhaps even more confidence is needed before a couple is justified in deceiving themselves. A great deal of trust allows for mutual acceptance and support, but there are also important factors that determine the similarity of thinking and behavior.
Deception is also made possible by the polished image of social matrimonial relationships and relationships, which determines what kind of deception model in the head. If this is mutual, it does not impede, but the greater the differences, the reconciliation of the family model requires more power and sometimes more compromise that cannot be sustained at one point. Many times, the religious foundations of religious but different faiths cannot be justified. As with the family model, it is also important for values ​​to have similarities and middle points. Values ​​are what determine what is important and what is less important to a person, that is, it coordinates long-term life. Here too, the wide divergences predict that there may be problems with the relationship and the future of the family, which can be overcome by a lack of trust, but not for long. However, the solution here, fortunately, is only obvious. Discussions between family members help to clarify who and why are important, leading to a consensus that can resolve differences that may arise from differences in values.

Family foundation is the responsibility

Family foundation is a great responsibility not only in material and medical terms, but also in psychological terms. In the foregoing, a few not very frequently stated aspects have been described which together define what may be termed psychological maturity, or responsibility. These are the conditions, if we are serious about the family, but they are more necessary for the happiness of the children, which is something we all value.