Homemade Face Paint - Recipe Video With Natural Ingredients! - DIY

Homemade Face Paint - Recipe Video With Natural Ingredients! - DIY

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Face painting is the favorite activity of any carnival, birthday or just a New Year's Eve party, and it starts the mood. A magic spell for a kid that is a bit different than boring weekdays.

You're going to be face painting

Well, but how do we paint them? Naturally specifically for children, which is ideally skin-friendly, does not cause skin, itching or other unexplained allergic reactions, should try to eliminate unexpected allergic reactions. And if you want to work with paints made from natural, simple materials, we recommend the following home paint recipe!

Face painting home

- 2 tsp couscous oil
- 2 tsp cornstarch (both available at organic stores)
- Food coloring Mix the cucumber oil thoroughly, without lumps, with the cornstarch. Add a few drops of food coloring and mix it out thoroughly. Flush with a few drops of water as needed. Take care that Apply to clean skin: use a brush for smaller designs, a sponge for painting!Here's the video for the action:
You can wash off the paint with soapy water in a matter of seconds. With this paint you will not be able to make professional masks, but it will take a short time for a face painting, a small pattern, a kitty mustache or a flower. Have a nice time!More DIY:
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