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Where does fitness begin?

Where does fitness begin?

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In the family, in the home environment, he or she obtains the child's first experience of wholeness, competition, in his or her second life.

Will they be shy?

This time sees her parents talk more, talk to each other than her, the mother is more attentive to the father and vice versa. This will cause the anxiety of anxiety in your life, and then it will start to attract your attention to your own person.

The little quarrel

The mother is a close-knit father who is half-hearted and clings to one of them in a state of infirmity. The second-third year is on the verge of being right competing with the father for the mother's love, gives her honored items to her, the mother, and is located in their immediate vicinity, whispering and then saying, "Here I am, deal with me!" And in this case the mother turns away from the father, begins to deal with her childhood, plays with her, communicates. What will happen to the father? The relationship between the parents can develop and the competition for the child's love and love can begin. It would be a problem for parents to express their love by accumulating little things, sweet snacks and words in the hope that people will become more important to him. Over-emphasizing one's own personality can lead to an underestimation of another's role, and one type of role comes into play: "Who likes more?".The harmony of the family is disrupted by rivalry, preference is given to adult apnea. The parents enter into the possibility of conflict between themselves. Meanwhile, the toddler observes, learns to imitate the tools of struggle to win one another, the veiled-open-mindedness of the emotions, the manipulation, the gentle embrace of "I don't love you."

The future

New players add to the family play when a little brother is born because the bigger one it loses its domineering childhood. Together with the new brother, virginity and rivalry are eliminated. The big cat's pain can only be relieved, not eliminated. It is for this reason that the child must be prepared for the arrival of his new sister, the new member of the family. It should help to understand that the baby will be not only the parent but also the father, the whole family. for something expansive, less will be desperate. It is not about trusting parents, the belief that parents need to continue sharing love with a newcomer. We need to tell the child well in advance how we will take care of the newborn at home, where he sleeps, what he eats, how he suck, how we look after him. We can also tell you that there will be a new playmate, a friend, who will be the co-star of the playmaker, among others. Let's encourage you to share your concerns, hopes, and how you want to deal with your little brother. And let's make it clear that your baby is a delusional toy, not a toy. We can eat the benefits of being older, doing more for him. But let's not fall in love with acting like we want the bigger one, the little one, if you want to hear and imagine your position. Confirm in the belief that the parental love of one's love remains unaltered. You will experience that anyway her parents sometimes cherish her little brother, favored.

Come on!

Even with the most careful preparation, a child's spiritual life is overshadowed for a while by the sorrow of his brother. It often appears in a hidden form, so it appears parents don't even realize how fierce the fears and controls are in their children. His excitement aroused his uplifting feelings most of all in his games, and he also manages his anger. They often express their fantasies about brothers in drawing, painting, or their own tales. If you had previously chosen and felt that you were not as fond of a child as you had been before, fraternity could be a bit of an open sanction. In this case, parents need to be very patient and patient enough to calm their fierce feelings. We can tell you that we are not lost in our love. If the other child is more than a mom and dad but is back in kindergarten, the grandparent will feel more secure as a "bigger" child.

Keep it important

We can make you more and more interested in your brother, you are about to take care of him soon. Many times we will find that he will warn his mother to keep the bedtime routine. They may also play a special role in this adult role. First-borns are particularly sensitive to the birth of a second child. While the child is alone, mothers are open-minded, rich in expression, but after the second they are more cautious not to discriminate against others. The solace of the one is well known. As long as they are single children, they are more likely to tease them. It is easy to realize that many people are initially insolvent, a suddenly loses their loneliness, "dullness". Only by being more mature are they able to accept and realize that they can share the love of parents with small brothers. And they also have to share.