Traveling with kids

Traveling with kids

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A family vacation is also an opportunity for children and grown-ups to turn into power and fun. It is a small task to organize, to reconcile needs and opportunities. With the following discussion, we would like to provide some grip on this.

The timing depends primarily on the activity of the family members, as we also have to adapt to the summer mates, relatives traveling with us, friendly families, and, last but not least, the possibilities of the chosen destination. If the family can do it, you don't have to stick to the summer home. At home and abroad, we can find landscapes where winter, winter, and lodging are great, both in the spring and early autumn.
Only flexibly!
There are several hanger requests on site. The more different children (and inquiries) we have in mind, the more exciting it is. It is not worth going far with the little ones, for them the most important thing is that they can be with us. Two-three-year-olds can be amazed by everything. The best thing for city kids is the ability to foam nature with a large canal: they can see grass, trees, animals. For them, a village, forest or waterfront vacation is really exciting. However, it is worth choosing accommodation so that you do not have to spend time in a small log cabin or tent in bad weather. Okay, if you have a city nearby, you can even get involved in the Local Cultural Center program. In this case, you might want to plan a visit to a nearby temple, castle, or museum. You can also arrange a venue for an art or folklore festival. We can join in the children's programs, crafts, and unload the unloading box. In general, however, it is not worthwhile to set up a very tight program, as children also need a relaxed break.
Child friendly delivery
It is not certain that a vacation can be successful if you go to an elegant place and luxury conditions: it is very easy to gloss over the damask bushes or ask for an apology because of the "winter" garden. We also have a great time at the campsite, considering the possible inconvenience. Let's look for a kid-friendly place with the little ones, where conditions and employees are exposed to "barbarian" bookbearers. For example, the Kinderhotels network is overseas, but similar services are also available in our country.
What should be included in the package?
- seasonal clothes;
- Outside wardrobe for cold, rainy weather (rubber boots or waterproof shoes, windbreaker, raincoat, hoodies, hats);
- smaller backpacks for trips;
- your favorite toys, sleeping bikes, blankets and your own potty if needed;
- storybooks, board games, sporting goods, science-fiction books, animal and plant-specific books;
- A two-pack kit containing fever and antipyretics, mosquito repellent spray or cream, sunscreen, patch bandage, tick-ticking tool and, if necessary, antidepressant medicine. (The package can also be adjusted with a pharmacy.)
We're here
If it is long, it is worth starting earlier. It is not easy to keep troubled, anxious children in drowning fights. Don't feed them - just because they can go wrong with each other. We offer them with braised, sliced ​​apples, rape, kale. Larger ones do well with the sandwich, but if you don't want the car to look dull, you better spend the rest of the time. A sports bottle book can do a good job. You can play free games: barkoch, soup garden, talk about the past of ours, or give us some fun tasks, like finding a red car, or guessing. We can also offer the winner a prize. With the little ones, we can sing, say, or play the cassette. Let's put in shorter breaks, so we have less currency to put someone in an awkward position where they have to go to the toilet where they can't stop.
It is easier for us to go on holiday with other families because kids of similar ages have fun with each other. Traveling with a family that has very different ideas about family vacations, and other perspectives on children's discipline, dinning, freedom.
Wonderful landscapes close by!
Where do we actually go? Lake Balaton offers many benefits, but the Hungarian sea is not the world! There are more than a thousand small and large ponds in our country, not to mention our rivers! In the vicinity of Fertõ, you can not only enjoy the water and enjoy the water, but also visit Nagycenk, Sopron or Eisenstadt in the bad weather. Not far from here you can go fishing on the Moson-Dunan. If you bathe in the water of the pale, you can admire the plethora of protected gray boats on the surface of the water. The castle is surrounded by a number of small villages and picturesque villages. And at Hunting Lake or Ivy Lake Camping (even in a log cabin) we can spend a week without even putting our feet out there. The Tisza River is almost as popular as Lake Balaton. No wonder, because in a fascinating natural environment, water sports can be enjoyed in countless varieties of sports. Those who prefer quieter, cooler relaxation can go to the nearby Beech forests, or enjoy a relaxing break in the famous Hortobágy.
From the border
When traveling abroad, consider the distance when selecting a transport device. If you decide to go by car, it might be worth traveling at night to get your sleeping children up to speed or to have a night's rest. The train may be a bit bigger in the distance, but of course, just like in the airplane, it may not take as much freedom or carry less luggage. If you are traveling further afield, you should definitely inquire with the travel agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the country's embassy about the visas you need and more. Information on the required vaccinations is provided at the St. Louis Hospital Clinical Vocational Education. As a general rule, we always drink bottled water in exotic countries and try to resist street buffets. If you would like to get acquainted with the local cuisine, we ask for advice in the accommodation. We can also take advantage of the challenges of globalization, since large department stores around the world are more or less the same product, so it should not be a nuisance.
Good places abroad
Our closest really high mountain is the Tatra. Let's also think about it in summer. Postojna town is located in Slovenia, southwest of Ljubljana, with its stalactite cave (Postojnska Jama) unique in Central Europe. It looks great going to or from the beach. And a real treasure: the concentration of the Bear's water in Transylvania is so high that the efficiency of herbal products is comparable to that of the Dead Sea. We can try it all in Sovata. After all, once we mention the Dead Sea: one of our favorites, Jordan, is a progressive, Muslim country that appeals to all the good of the earth and to which Hungarians are almost as many as returned home.
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