Don't Expect Development (Outside Only), Outside the Importance of Home Development

Don't Expect Development (Outside Only), Outside the Importance of Home Development

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The family, the home medium, plays a key role in the child's physical, mental and mental development. But what can we help, parents?

We do not (just) expect development from overtimeMany of us tend to view parenting as an educational institution as the most important stage in the development of our children. Yet, in the socialization and development of a child, the home community and the family have priority. A child's primary emotional attachment is to the family. This medium can provide the basis for the development of personality, the development of its abilities, and the harmonious development of it in the most definite way. It is fortunate that a parent gives this awareness, plays and plays with his or her child. that witchcraft and kindergarten can do a lot for a child's development, but it has to be realized that in a larger group of people, one of the biggest challenges is personal development and attention. In addition, institutions cannot live with the opportunities offered by family education; we as parents must do this.


At a recent meeting of my child, the educator of the kindergarten developer talked about the shocking decline in the number of children, their expressiveness over the years. Children 4-5 years of age communicate with the basic treasure learned at the age of 3 and speak almost only in sentences. I hardly believed myself when the developer educator asked parents to start talking spontaneously with their child. Do you really need to call attention to talking to each other? It seems, yes! All the more so because the environment has a major impact on the development of speech. Without organic abilities, social and emotional influences would not lead to the acquisition of speech. The child wants to know a lot of things. "What is it, what is it?" Your inquiries are full of knowledge, but only if you receive an answer to your inquiries. This is followed by the second questioning section, when "why?" you cannot fill in requests. This developmental phase requires great patience from the parents to the family, as small children are indispensable in the quest.

Use our Baby Development Calculator to keep track of your baby's development!

Its environment is intended to provide simple, meaningful answers to the requests of young children seeking relationships that are intended to satisfy their curiosity. It is important that joint communication, word-of-mouth is important and feeds on the child's further talk, public understanding. We also need reagбljunk. In addition, we must give him the opportunity to hear stories, poems and sayings of his age every day. Don't forget! The basis of healthy development is the safety of the environment and the everyday fairy tale.

"Let it play!"

Play and movement play the most important role in the everyday life of the wandering-school age group. Movement, lots of games, give you the opportunity to gain experience with yourself and the world around you. They improve the ability to concentrate and concentrate attention, but they also improve the memory and fine motor movement of the game and movement. It's important to give space and opportunity to all of these at home! We must not live in the belief that games are too busy and wasted time, because it makes it easy for us to try to make the child feel ashamed. Never lose sight of the fact that every child learns something from the game.

Protect your innate curiosity!

The best we can do for our child's development is to preserve her innate natural curiosity, her spontaneous learning ability. Do not steer, steer, assign, but be beside it, let it be asked, and act out of curiosity. as Ranschburg Jenх he said: do not educate your child to ask questions. For a child's intellectual development, a combination of skills and learning processes is needed. The role of parents is important in helping this process. You must pay close attention to the development process and ensure that you have the necessary conditions. Be curious and inquisitive! It will be inclusive, it will be the number of developers who are interested. It's very important to be able to get involved in our weekly activities, and to encourage and encourage creativity and expression. This is the most basic, most advanced activity of the active.

If you need help

Your child may also need developmental development if his or her age is different. If you are uncertain about your child's development, you should contact ECI professionals who can provide complex support for your child's cognitive development, education and development. Early development, in which families and parents play an important role, can help reduce the gap. Childcare facilities also play a key role. Successful cooperation in solving any problems that may arise can reduce the gap between you and your business. An open intйzmйny kйpes the gyermekrхl informбciуkat useful, given the experience szьlх szбmбra that the segнtik egyьttes fejlesztйst йs the kнvбnt pozitнv vбltozбst organized eredmйnyezhetik.A szьlхk szбmбra kьlцnbцzх intйzmйny fуrumok biztosнtanak to tбg lehetхsйget to receive the vбlaszt szьlхk kйrdйseikre, consult nevelйsi situations solution and strengthen their parental competences. It is a worthwhile cow to live with these opportunities. Stolen Jabnosné Fabbi Ilona, developer educator (Kйpen: Fisher-Price Doggy Doggy Doggy, Doggy Doggy, Colorful Pyramid, Monkey playing with colorful balls) Related articles on Child Development:
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