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Surprising items in government deception

Surprising items in government deception

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The government mentions the budget for 2020 as the budget for family support, with the focus on the fraud action plan. Your word found surprising items in the family-labeled numbers.

Surprising items in government deceptionThe government only mentions the 2020 budget as the family support budget, according to which it will spend $ 2,227 billion on family-related expenses next year. Your Names saw that the big number that the government communicates came out, that is, the 10-item, all-family labeled item of all editions. So far, pension expenditures have not been accounted for by family governments, since they are on an insurance basis rather than on a social or social basis. Also included are the Deaths, which is the payment of the inheritance fees for 2008. Mothers with young children are exempt from personal income taxes, which will be attained at the level of the New Year. According to your word, this is also controversial, as initially there will be more women among the beneficiaries who will receive the tax credit after their adult children. In this case, this is not a classic family sponsorship. as well as - for $ 201 billion - for state and bailouts, and for salary raisers - $ 24 billion for the family ) was also reported. Anti-fraud measures totaled HUF 146 billion. That's how the $ 2227 billion came out.
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