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He also grew up ... Watch out! The punishment is enthralling!

He also grew up ... Watch out! The punishment is enthralling!

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Family violence isn't just there and then it's head. Generate us again. It disappears only when we are made aware of the commissioner that he is not obligated to suffer.

"Every year at school, the teacher put me in order. Of the thirty kids, I was usually in seventh place. By year's graduation, I knew in advance the six kids I couldn't prevent. I also knew what I had. best in class, I took the biology and the drawing by heart, and neglected these things, so I was only ranked in seventh place in the cumulative. place in the class, he didn't dare go home until dark.
This is unimaginable in Europe, a law prohibiting the beat. In Algeria, however, parents and school teachers have the right and opportunity to engage in serious physical abuse, which is popular and regarded as a primary educational tool.
I also grew up in a thunderstorm, but today I feel it because I have been mentally and physically tempered, and I feel stronger than average.
When I was a kid, the number didn't ring. I wasn't a bad kid, I'd never been in a big accident, but I kept talking if I had to or not. In high school, there is a responsible, a kid in the class whose job it is to list the names of those who interfere with the conversation by talking. My name was always on the list. And the punishment never went away. We got the rope out of the class with a rope until the blood began to clatter. This was a daily exercise during the six years of high school. However, in ours, this is completely normal and customary, as my parents and grandparents have grown up in the same way, so no one has any idea to question it.
There was a time at home when my father beat me everywhere. Even while he went to the market to buy a "koboku", this is a special comma specifically designed for the beat. Every time we played numerically, he caught us and really lost. On the other hand, I would say that a father who beats a child so much does not like his baby, and after all that beating, every child resents his father. This part of our culture is so natural that it does not bother anyone, and I respect and love my father and I am very important to me.
The benefit of punishment is that the children are not indulgent or naughty in us, there is no feedback. If the father just starts a sentence that starts with "Stop it ...", he doesn't have to continue because the child stops immediately, he knows what happens next. I don't see this in Europe. "