Early conception

Early conception

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The most important prerequisite for family planning is to have the male and female organization ready to start a new life. Many can struggle to conceive and remain pregnant through years of struggle and medical intervention.

We do not think that one of the causes of the difficulties may be the early use of the pill. If you start taking birth control pills in your adolescence when your monthly cycle is not yet accurate, the active ingredient in the drug may interfere with ovarian activity. Three or so women call it "post pill amenorrhea" after stopping taking pills. On the affected women, the problem resolves spontaneously within one year, and the ovulation begins again. Of the rest, only medication can help with the problem. The problem is still solved by the widespread method of trying to stop the bleeding loss by applying a new pill. In this case, the cycle is only finalized: monthly bleeding appears but the ovulation does not restart. The real solution would be for adolescents not to take pills but to use local methods. Today, you can already get a sperm-containing gel, a pills, and a tampon that are as effective as the pre-conception pill, but have no unpleasant side effects. In our teenage outpatient setting, children should be taught to use harmless local contraceptive methods instead of promoting pills. Unfortunately, there is no hope for this, because money is a bigger price than health.