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What is family therapy for?

What is family therapy for?

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Family therapy is a psychotherapeutic movement that focuses on family or relationships. Abbu assumes that people are in their relationships, interacting continuously with other people.

What is family therapy for?The purpose of family therapy is to solve the problem of someone who is just in trouble, and assumes that the source of the troubles must be found in the individual and in the environment that is important to you. that parents go to psychology because, for example, adolescent children are unwilling to eat because they consider themselves too fat (when lean) or the child has dyskinesias or is not so anxious to go they are often innocent before the psychologist's suggestion that there is a need for family therapy, since they feel that the child is not doing something, not the family. However, it is not in itself, but in its relationships with others that interact with it, and vice versa, with its environment. The narrower and wider environment affects us all the time, influencing our family, the kindergarten or the workplace. We can have an effect on how we are with each other, with our child or with our couple, even if we have little control over our larger environment. But in many cases, a balanced, supportive family can end up in crisis. In times of crisis, we should not only think about the burdensome life events, but also all the situations that are new and not equipped with the tools to face the new situation. Almost as burdensome for a family as losing a loved one is - read the article about family therapy at is a constantly changing thing, as time goes on you have to deal with new situations. In many cases, we change side by side, but not within one office, and this can lead to a number of conflict situations. And while we are in a situation, we are not always aware of how we affect the other, or even what happens. Family members of the family who are more psychologically sensitive than others sometimes develop psychiatric symptoms, become ill, and are often litmus paper to show that something has gone wrong. These illnesses are actually used to help the family talk about what is stressing their family.Related articles in Family Fiction:
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