This is how you can recognize the cheater

This is how you can recognize the cheater

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Fraud is a very common occurrence, the most common skin care pattern. It develops quickly and disappears quickly.

This is how you can recognize the cheaterFraud is a very common occurrence, it can occur all over the body, it can vary in size, it is wide, it slightly protrudes from the skin and itch. Its color is white or worn, similar to mosquito matting. It develops quickly and thinks under a couple of hours. Swollen lips, tongue, and eyelids may also be observed in a few cases. This is called Quincke's ode, also known as angioneurotic ode. Fraud is so common that a quarter of the population observes it at least once in its life. The acute form is characteristic of children in particular. This means that blemishes appear very quickly and disappear just as quickly. In contrast, the sacred form can return for up to 6 weeks.

The reason for cheating

Histamine release is caused by fraud, histamine is released when an allergic reaction occurs, e.g. For food, medicine, drugs. Direct contact with the skin can also cause allergic reactions, so can cheating on egg whites, herbal toxins, cosmetics. However, not all fraudulent allergies originate from the skin, it can also react to physical effects such as pressure, rubbing, sweating, but it can also exclude cold air, cold water or sunlight. In some cases, it is not clear what caused the fraud, it may be psychic, it may be stress. It can also be linked to diabetes and thyroid problems.

Symptoms of cheating

It develops in a few minutes, itching, especially in the bends. At night, the patients are sleepier. If you are allergic, you may also experience other symptoms such as itchy eyes, blush, inflammation of the cartilage.If it is caused by food, diarrhea and vomiting may occur. Fever occurs very rarely, along with fraud. angioedema: swelling of lips, eyes, genitals, fingers. Edema reaches its maximum under a few hours and then is absorbed by itself. Swelling of the tongue, pharynx or pharynx can be dangerous, which can make it harder to breathe.

Manage fraud

Cases are mostly decided in less than a few days, maybe in a few days and do not reappear.The most important thing is to recognize and avoid the cause. It helps in many cases if you do not eat smoked meats, fish, guts, cheats, it often eliminates cheating from tomatoes, di, hazelnuts, strawberries, celery, pineapple. seek medical attention.Related articles in the topic of fraud:
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