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Cheating in childhood

Cheating in childhood

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Fraud can occur not only in adults, but also in infancy. On average, 20% of children have at least one disease up to 12 years of age with this allergic disease.

Cheating in childhood

In the event that your child's body is swollen, blistering, and itching, you may be suspected of cheating. It is distinctive enough to be recognized relatively quickly on the body. In case our child is body excremental, blunted outbursts appear, and viszketйssel If you are getting involved, you may be suspected of fraud. It is typical, so it can be recognized relatively quickly on the body. "goes," or a symptom disappears within a couple of hours, and other symptoms appear in other places. Dr. Hatvani Zsufia What can be an annoying fact is that cheating the reason for this is not always known. Although we know that if you have rashes on your skin, it is mostly allergic. However, the cause of chronic fraud in particular may be unknown. "In childhood, it can most often be associated with other infections (upper respiratory or gastrointestinal), but it can also have the effect of food allergy. some are typical external factors. You should definitely keep them in the fall. If your child is cheating, the following questions are worth asking:
  • Has the child consumed food that may be allergic to the appearance of rashes?
  • Have you taken any medication that may have caused her allergies?
  • Could your skin come into contact with household products or chemicals that could cause irritation in your body?
  • Is this a major stress situation?
  • Have you been out in the sun?
  • Specific Factors That Can Choose Fraud

  • Food: di, chocolate, fish, tomato, egg, citrus fruits, fresh berries, milk
  • Food Additives, Colourants, Preservatives, Flavorings, Stabilizers
  • Hot shower, strong sunlight, sweating
  • Cold, cool currency contact
  • Antibiotic, penicillin, aspirin, sedative, immunizations
  • Nervousness, stress, hyperactivity
  • Insects: bees, wasps, ants can cause acute cheating
  • Cold sore throat
  • Household cleaners eg. shower, toilet
  • Animal allergy to hair eg cat
  • Manage fraud

    Fraud can disappear quickly, even with a slight delay, after the announcements are made, but in the worst case, they last for a few days. If you find that your child has swollen, itchy or large areas of skin irritation on the body, they should seek medical attention immediately.What parents can do at home:
  • Lubricate your baby's skin with Fenistil Gel to soothe and relieve itching!
  • Let's cut the baby gum short so it won't scratch the blisters with it!
  • Let's wear baby-friendly cotton clothes to avoid drooling on the skin!
  • If you come to the conclusion that some detergent cleaner was the cause, then try using other skin-friendly products.
  • When should I consult a doctor about cheating?

    Of course, it is always worthwhile to show your child's bumps, as it is important to properly identify and eliminate the cause, which is key to the symptoms.If you notice the following symptoms:
  • When a toddler has a dyspnoea (dyspnoea, a spasmodic sound during the air)
  • He has a quick heart
  • Your skin is moist, colorless
  • "If you have swelling of the lips (eye swelling, swelling of the mouth, swelling of the soles of your feet), you need to be very cautious. the symptom, and immediate care, went on to call you for professional medical treatment as soon as possible! " Dr. Zsofia Hatvani's leather shoe, you can read her post on
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