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At the top of the scams, it's not clear what's causing it

At the top of the scams, it's not clear what's causing it

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Fraud mainly occurs when an acute reaction occurs, mainly due to an allergic reaction, but it is present when persistent.

At the top of the scams, it's not clear what's causing itDr. Kinga Borbola, a Dermatica skin care cosmetologist, a clinical oncologist, called attention to the causes and treatment options for chronic family history.

What Can Cause Cheating?

Urticaria is a syndrome of swelling, redness, itching in the upper layers of the skin, caused by release of a substance called histamine in the skin. In some cases, swelling of the face, eyelids, lips, severe swelling of the tongue and difficulty breathing may also be associated with it. There are several factors that can trigger the release of histamine, but most are: - Drugs, including certain antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and high blood pressure medicines.
- Certain foods, such as dips, seafood, small-seeded fruits, chocolate, processed meats, eggs, etc.
- Infectious diseases such as influenza, infections of the skin, inflammation of the throat.
- Some chronic diseases, such as thyroid disease, lupus.
- High outside or inside temperature.
- Animals live on moths, dust mites, moths.
- Pollen, chemicals, sun, water, some plants.
However, in about half of the cases, there is no light for the specific reason why fraud is involved.

Acute symptoms can become chronic

Fraud can be easily recognized by the inherent symptoms, such as red, itchy, leathery skin prominent. The protruding patches range from a few millimeters to a few inches, appearing to the right on the face, hands, arms, feet, and toes. It can also be characterized by constantly changing location, thinking almost out of space and coming out in another place. These severe, disturbing problems usually disappear within 24 hours, but in some cases may persist for months or years - this is called chronic malpractice. In the acute case, we primarily use antihistamines, which, as the name implies, suppress the effects of histamine production. Because these drugs contain prescription drugs, it should be known that in some cases, for example, alcohol patients and pregnant women should not take any antihistamine. Other treatments are needed if you have angina, especially if you have anemia, and this can potentially lead to cramping. If this is a recent symptom, you may need to call an ambulance immediately, in addition to vomiting, accelerated heartbeat, nausea, numbness - emphasizes dr. Kinga Borbola, Dermatica Skin Cosmetic Cosmetologist, Clinical Oncologist.- And what about diagnosing chronic malignancy. In such cases, the symptoms can cause severe discomfort to the data subject over the long term, and targeted treatment is important. In some cases, antibiotics and injectables, for example, may be given to help reduce symptoms caused by an allergic response. Of course, we also carry out a variety of laboratory tests to check for underlying diseases such as the liver, thyroid, or immune system.

What can we do for ourselves?

Primarily recommended avoid histamine release, so-called triggers, if successful. In kнvьl йrdemes restrain the alkoholfogyasztбst, hozzбjбrulу histamine termelхdйshez йlelmiszereket developed йs йrzйkeny bхrre, йs ajбnlott the specialist posts by these people higiйniai termйkeket hasznбlni.Egyes forrбsok hangsъlyozzбk a tбplбlйk-kiegйszнtхk hasznбt well as the C, the D vitamins йs the ligetszйpe oil , but it is definitely worth consulting with your skin. In the case of long-standing complaints, it is also advisable to address the mental background of the illness, as the long-lasting symptoms can lead to depression, which can trigger a medical condition. Stress can be a worsening of your skin condition as a risk factor.
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