Does sports also fatten kids?

Does sports also fatten kids?

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Team sports can lead kids to weight gain in the other way, because after training and exercising, they are rewarded with far more caloric delicacies than doing a exercise.

He considers the most exclusive options to be an exercise and social program csapatsportokat for your child. However, a study suggested that this could even fatten the seedlings. The trainers are a follow-on feast kalуriabevitele in the United States, researchers in the United States have sacked children playing baseball on the stomachs of the Childhood Obesity magazine. Young people consumed high-calorie meals and sugary foods, which could lead to weight problems.

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The team observed food eaten by team players and their family members over 12 times. The seedlings were all 8-11 year old boys who formed six baseball teams. It became clear that most of the food was high in calories, including french fries, sweets and sugary sauces. Foods and beverages were bought almost 90 percent at school.
"THE team sports it is still very important for kids' activity and development, "said Megan Irby, a middle-aged bookwriter who thinks it's important to plan a happy meal for parents.

Regular sport is part of a healthy life from the young age