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How do we feed a child?

How do we feed a child?

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Weaning your baby and gradually getting used to "grown-up" food requires a long, careful process. What are the steps to go for?

It's best to make your own, fresh food.
Star: Give you the victuals that you will be fortunate enough to deal with. It is normal to occasionally find an indigestible food left in the baby's diaper, but if it is regular, we will return for a while to the papaya. Keep the baby warm and moist. Thawed, pappy, mashed food can be thawed with boiled water, breast milk, formula, food leaf (if not cooked), fruit juice or yogurt (six months old).
Temperature: Always keep food cool.
New food habits: Every child should eat new food and leave a day before giving it to them to react again and again. If it causes diarrhea, nausea, and rash, do not rinse it again for a few days.
Exercise: Do not use spice, it can harm young kidneys and the child also likes mild water.
As for what to avoid: We should avoid anything that is heavy, high in fat or heavily seasoned until at least month-old, so salami, bacon, salted fish, condensed milk and milk are not recommended. Do not give honey to a child until at least one year of age.

Between 4-6 pm

Star: Add upstream, lint-free cloth.
  • let's make sure
  • cut out the cob and the stem,
  • cook it on the food or cook it through a sieve. We can add pepper, noodles, well cooked green beans.

Between 6-8 pm

Star: Chopping or grinding food, adding liquid or adding yogurt. We offer the child raw green pieces.
Fruit / cooker preparation:
  • let's make sure
  • drop the cob,
  • btb or btb.
Preparation of meat / fish:
  • cut the hair, the skin,
  • grilling or cooking,
  • bone it carefully,
  • chop it for April.
Other food options include: liver, cheese, dense, boiled eggs, cereals, parsnips, king mussels, pumpkins, starch, tomatoes, sweet corn, dried apricots.
What to avoid: biscuits, cakes, ice cream, sweet dough, fried foods.

8-9 days old

Бllлгар: Get your kid used to eating more pieces. Give the child plenty of food to eat.
Fruit / cooker preparation:
  • we make sure
  • drop the cob, the hair,
  • if raw, cut into long pieces or grate,
  • when cooked, cut it or break it, but leave some pieces in it.
Preparation of meat / fish:
  • let's cut off the fat,
  • roast, roast
  • or cook in water, chop into pieces
Other suitable foods: red meat, red meat, homemade food

10-12 hrs

Star: The child literally eats everything the family needs, just cutting it off for a bite. Avoid cooking in the cooker.
Cooking / Fruit:
  • we make sure
  • drop the cob, the hair,
  • cook in steam.
Other suitable foods are: pork (if cooked well), stronger green vegetables, eg. cabbage, green pepper, tomato (peel the skin).
Things to avoid: spicy, fatty or sumptuous foods, sugary foods, fruit cakes.