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Baby massage can help if your baby is very windy

Baby massage can help if your baby is very windy

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The infant's immature digestive system often freezes in the brain, which can often make the baby tedious and anxious. How can you help it? Here are some tricks that can make life easier for both of them.

Abdominal stomach can be a common problem in infancy, and there are many well-established methods to soothe and soothe your baby. In the stomach condition, the baby produces screaming cries and puts his feet on his stomach. Babusgatás, rocking can not stop the flush. If you do not experience another symptom (vomiting, diarrhea, fever), you can help the little ones calm down and try to relieve their pain, and help with weight loss like others. Even though some babies may seem perfectly happy every time, only when they wind up stinging a little, they are constantly muttering and their faces are red.

Abdominal stomach may be a common problem in infancy

The more they smoke, the more air they swallow, which ultimately results in more gas. This is a vicious circle for infants who find it difficult to get rid of belgium currency.

You do not have to watch helplessly

You can also learn some useful massage techniques and apply them daily.Remove your palms to warm up well, drop some drops of essential oil, and make them dry.

Baby massage can help if your baby is very windy

Consistency is key

Exercises should be performed at least three times a day. Each diaper should be used to perform this exercise.
Timing is key. Wait at least 30 minutes after feeding before giving a massage.

Listen to the sound effects

When massaging your baby, keep your eyes open! Listen to the tiny noises that growl at the bumps, indicating that the gases are moving.
If you continue to cry tiny, it will have the opposite effect on your belly pressing, so you should try to focus on calming the baby.
The most important thing, however, is patience and perseverance, even though it may seem unbelievable many times, but this era also comes to an end!
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