The parent has the right to be with the newborn

The parent has the right to be with the newborn

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The Ombudsman's statement is that the presence of a parent is the right and best interest of a child born to a preterm intensive care unit (PIC).

The parent has the right to be with the newbornAccording to the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, a child on the PIC his right and best interest was the presence of the Blessed Land, therefore, it is regrettable that the health care system cannot provide this for all PIC classes. The Ombudsman is also concerned that they are newborns they are automatically fed formulaif the mother has no milk.
In a communication, the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights stated that László Székely initiated the investigation on the basis of a complaint letter, in which a mother called attention to the divergent practice in the PIC ward.
The Ombudsman is significant in this inquiry experienced material and personal differences of character in the conditions of operation of two prehospital intensive care units in the capital, child-centered solutions. The Honorable PIC Department of the Honorable Courthouse has provided child and family friendly care that integrates the care of the premature child and the infant, thus enabling parental care. Semmelweis University I. But the Neonatology Center for Neonatology and Obstetrics Clinics does not deprive the child of the best interests, Lszszely Laszlo said.
According to the Ombudsman, the best interests of the child in the provision of early childhood care and in the provision of professional medical care are only ascertainable when the number of rights is as low as possible. A health care meeting the rights of the child is one where he or she takes great care of the basic needs and special circumstances of every child, he emphasized.
hangsъlyozta about the szьlхi jelenlйt biztosнtбsбval the jogalkotуnak elхsegнtх should do the sick child kapcsolattartбsi jogбnak йrvйnyesьlйsйt the benntartуzkodбs kцrьlmйnyeit egysйgesнtх the minхsйgi ellбtбst elхsegнtх kцrnyezet йs szemlйletvбltбs the legal basis for megteremtйsйre lйpйseket continuously.
According to the Ombudsman, there is currently a lack of uniform standards and practices for the segregation of early adopters, who are in need of different treatment due to the seriousness of their status. It is also worrying that, without weighing the potential for donor breast milk, premature babies will automatically receive nutritional supplements in the absence of breast milk.
Szszely Labszlou invited the Semmelweis University I. Szьlйszeti йs Nхgyуgyбszati ​​Klinikбjбnak fхigazgatуjбt to vizsgбlja out what intйzkedйseket can introduce best йrdekйnek szorulу the egйszsйgьgyi ellбtбsra children szolgбlatбra, нgy koraszьlцtt kisbabбk breast tбplбlбsбnak placed the PIC osztбlyon цsztцnzйsйre, the donor breast milk tцrtйnх tбplбlбs biztosнtбsбra йs the szьlхk continuous intenzнvebb jelenlйte йs gondozбsba tцrtйnх cover.
The Minister for Human Resources has initiated a review of whether minimum PICs are currently in place, and whether there are sufficient capacities to ensure that the elderly are Your status should be reduced to a reasonable level. In addition, he asked the specialist to review the breast milk supply situation, the operation of breast milk collectors, and develop an action plan to ensure the PIC classes - read in the Bulletin.Related Articles in Early Issues:
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