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Sleeping habits of 6-12 month old babies

Sleeping habits of 6-12 month old babies

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The second half of the infant's first year of life brings enormous changes, and then the nutrition comes, which results in fewer deaths and an easier night's rest.

Sleeping habits of 6-12 month old babiesYou are now alert enough to consciously demanding time and attention, so for most parents, this period has the most fatness, because it is the most important thing to do. Shortly after birth, the baby was about to sleep 16 or even more, waking up for a short while to eat and play. By six months, the amount of time spent sleeping is barely 13-14 hrs, and by the time you reach the age of one you only sleep about 12-14 hrs a day.

Sleep time

The baby is now enjoying a great night's sleep, so by the end of the night 10-11 ounces will be able to sleep the whole family. The remaining time is usually divided into two daytime snoozes. By now you have certainly set up a system for laying your baby, but if you haven't done so, it's high time you did. After nine months, you will have a much harder time getting your baby into shape. When designing your routine, make sure it fits all your family members. For example, if one of the parents is working long hours, but you also want to take care of the baby, extend bed time or make the play as easy as possible.Let your baby wake up, curtain) and leave it in your bed for a while before you start dealing with it. By doing this, it learns to occupy itself before you put yourself and your bedtime before turning your attention. Daytime sleep continues to play an important role in your baby's sleep habits. In addition to a long night's sleep, the baby still needs daytime sleep. Mostly it means two snoozes, one shorter and one longer in the early afternoon. There are babies who only spend half of their time sleeping in the bed, even when sleeping in the bed, but in others the two can be of equal length. Here, too, take into account the needs of the family, especially if you have multiple children. A long sleeping dorm may include the time when you have to go to school or school for more, so in this case, it is better to have two Laying the baby a little earlier at dinnertime. At six months old, the baby does not need to sleep in dandelion, and even sleeping in late may have an effect on the night's sleep. If, on the other hand, you find that you are already very tired, think of some quiet, quiet activity (but not the one you usually sleep on). A little evening singing or reading a fairy tale can be very good at this time, especially if you include the bigger brothers and sisters. If you have a school-age child in the family, even though they can read the story, the baby will love it.

The homegrown parent

For the newer parent, it may be painful to see the baby ready to go to bed by the time she is washed and dressed. Discuss how it is practicable for both parents to deal with the child sufficiently without disturbing the laying ceremony. Mark activities that the other parent can do when he or she comes home, but the laying process should always be the same, so the baby will become more accustomed to the fact that you are both engaged. The following is the easiest way to involve a working parent:
  • Babamasszбzs. This wonderful activity strengthens the complexity and, by its calming effect, is a perfect part of the evening routine. It's not a problem to be in your underwear by then.
  • Read an evening story to the baby or sing a lullaby for him.
  • Leave time for your working parents' holidays so that only they can take care of the baby. This is also very useful for you because it gives you a little time or you can better deal with the rest of the child. On these days, the evening routine should also be performed by the other parent.

Article Source: Judy Barrat: How to Sleep a Baby? c. kцnyve.

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