You can prevent them from being attacked on the street

You can prevent them from being attacked on the street

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"There is not enough talk about the importance of protection," says Ildikó Kovács, a female health educator who said she could save lives in the event of a street attack.

You can prevent them from being attacked on the streetThere is a numerical sign of what We can see even before the trouble happenedand if you are open-minded and prepared, we can avoid being sacrificed. The experts have gathered a bunch of unambiguous signs that we are in danger.

1. They test our attention

Predicted attacks have the feature that the attack is long lasting watching, following potential victims to see how they are Hebrew. Whoever does not make it, arrуl thinks it is a light prey. However, anyone who looks back, suddenly, or looks closely at a suspicious person reduces his chances of being attacked, so that the attacker cannot cause him to crash unexpectedly.

2. Check our stability

Sometimes they get a little bit out of the street, so we try our way out, what is our stability. Flying in and out without you will send the message that it would be a simple matter for you. However, if you hold on to, and even keep shooting, you are repeating a big step so that you do not make a sacrifice.

3. They are observed

They can follow you through the day, observing your ship, your habits. For example, you often go home alone or go home many times. It is also an important sign of how close you are to the bus stop, to the events, people around you, or the possibility to completely exclude the world by visiting your phone. It is, therefore, essential that pay attention to our environment, let us have unrestricted confidence in anyone, even if we cross the street on a daily basis or just go out to each other. We meet a lot of people every day, and from the moment we entertain each other, we no longer have to expect the other to become our partner. This does not mean, of course, that we should become paranoid, be attentive, and reduce all factors that reduce our reaction time in the event of an attack, as we may be alert to tragedy. Ildikou Kovacs A medical instructor has been practicing martial arts and martial arts for nearly a decade, and has specialized in women's defense training for eight years. Every year, he prepares about 150 non-qualified certificates physically and mentally. The protective techniques learned in their training have been successfully applied by participants in a variety of situations. He thinks that patience is a knowledge that everyone should embrace.