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Facts and myths about children's sleep

Facts and myths about children's sleep

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Infants and toddlers need more sleep than adults, we all know this fact. Sleep plays a significant role in our overall health, growth and development.

Facts and Moses for Children's Sleep (Photo: iStock)Although all parents know that children need a restful, restful sleep, it is not always easy to spend time in bed. Many parents believe in practices that their mothers and grandmothers have traditionally believed in them. The question is what of these is true and what is a city legend. asked a sleepwalker to help adjust their sleep beliefs: which fact and which myth.

A child grows better if she sleeps a lot

This is true. When we sleep, our body releases growth hormone. Maria Campos Lopez, Himbing Sleep Solutions Sleep Deputy adds: "If you lack sleep and sleep, the release of this hormone may be suppressed. It is important to note that babies and toddlers need more sleep than adults. they have to sleep at night one night. "

Children need a long sleeping sleep

It is not so much the mood to have a good night's sleep in the kids' duvet, but the rest of the duluth's sleep. Sleeping too long and waking up when you're ready to eat dinner is unlucky. Parents should try to start sleeping in Sleep to start and end on time. If you wake up from sleeping in Duluth soon, you will find it difficult to fall asleep in the evening and will wake up at night. This is not true. According to a study, kids who sleep in dunuton are happier, perform better, and have fewer behavioral problems.Lopez adds: "Toddlers need to sleep to sleep, not sleep, if a baby sleeps, do some peaceful activity in bed, relax. "

If you let the kids play until they get tired, they will fall asleep faster

This is not true. A fatigued, overbearing child doesn't fall asleep easily, says Lopez. In this case, they release adrenaline, which they become more energetic, even when they are tired. This in turn makes it harder for them to fall asleep. Just as adults, so children need time to calm down, relax, and shut down before they fall asleep - explains the expert.

Children should drink milk before going to bed

According to Lopez, milk should not be given immediately before bedtime, but "can be given at the beginning of bedtime." Finally Lopez says, "Toddlers need a lot to develop: balanced nutrition, consistent routines, and proper night's sleep." There is a need for consistent sleep patterns and routines.
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