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Mothers' Fear: Infant Stomach (X)

Mothers' Fear: Infant Stomach (X)

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Infant stomachs (puppies) are one of the most common reasons for anxious parents to visit a baby or pediatrician.

The toddler's onset (and even more than a week or so), with no apparent reason, can be frightening and uncomfortable, with a painful expression on his face and a puffy, tight little tummy.When symptoms occur he clenches his hands, puts his feet up, and then lowers, all the while painfully, relentlessly crying, which imposes a great physical and mental burden on both the baby and the parents. The pain most of them appear in Duluth and evening classes, typically in the interval between 15 and 23 hours in the south. Although the disease is extremely common, unfortunately, the causes of the disease have not yet been fully explored. There are several hypotheses in the public mind - many, for example, explain the bullying with the impertinence of the intestinal system, the transient overexertion. Very rarely, organic causes in the back may be present, such as infantile reflux, infections of the lungs, milk allergy or transient lactic intolerance.

Not to let the baby cry!

In this case, infants (and moms) can benefit from gentle and effective formulations of simethicone active ingredient, such as emulsions, which may have a few drops at all. Simethicone works locally, internally, and is not absorbed by the body, so it can be safely used with other drugs as early as infants, and any toxic effect can be ruled out.