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10 Tips to Save Your Baby's Belly

10 Tips to Save Your Baby's Belly

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Infant stomach or other name pups are common in babies from the age of two weeks to 3-4 months. The cause of the rabbit is not fully understood, probably due to a number of factors. How can you help your baby with stomach fat?

Infant chicks usually start at 3-6 weeks and then 3-4 months, suddenly stopping from one day to the next. Infant stomachs are characterized by the absence of abdominal organ failure, regardless of whether the baby is breastfeeding or formula-fed, prematurely born, and prematurely born. Suddenly, the baby is straining, the baby is strained, his feet are tense, his tummy is hard. baby's internal system is still undeveloped, it certainly contributes to the stomach. As soon as it comes, it disappears as suddenly, usually in 3-4. As of the month after, you will not experience it.What can a baby do with a sudden, fast-acting rush, how can you help alleviate the symptoms? Can Any Technique Eliminate Rabbit Abdominal Disease? Here are some tips that can help you in this difficult time.10 Tips to Save Your Baby's Belly (Photo: iStock)
  1. SzoptatбsBreastfeeding is not only important for nutrition, it also gives the baby comfort. Regardless of when the baby is last put on the breast and repeatedly placed on the stomach, it may be possible to soothe and soothe the baby. Many baby babies can help by breastfeeding several times but less.
  2. BьfiztetйsIt is very important to post-feed the feedings. The baby can swallow a lot of air during feedings and can be hurt by sprouts. That is why after all meals, whether breastfeeding or nutritional nutrition, paycheck is key. For baby feeding, choose a product that does not have a large hole diameter, so you can absorb less air in your baby's food.
  3. White noiseWhile the baby is in the womb, you hear the mother's heart, internal organs, and speech. After birth, the baby is calmed with monotonous, repetitive noises, familiar sounds. Turn on the hairdryer, dusting, of course, not directly next to the baby. But you can also get a special white noise machine or you can listen to white noise from the applique.
  4. Tie it in a carrycotTight draping and body contact with a mother can often be a solution. Let's walk with our chest-tied dolls at a steady pace, talking softly, working. Even a short period of time may be enough for the diarrhea to stop and the baby to fall asleep.
  5. gymnasticsPut your baby on the back and gently push your feet up to your stomach, gently twisting your two knees outward to let the gases disappear.
  6. MasszбzMassage can also be a good service at bedtime. Carefully stroke the abdomen with warm hands, putting your hands on the baby's belly with caution. Perform circular movements in the same direction as the baby's field of motion. Gently bend the toe and move it gently. We can use baby oil for massage, but we should always use very little and care for the purity and quality of the product. It is important that you always create a relaxed, soft, soft environment for your baby to be able to relax.
  7. SwingA baby swing can be a good tool for a little comfort. Rocking can help your little ones relax, wake up to the painful minutes, and it can also help you to take a little rest and get your arms back on.
  8. Suspensions, drops, waterThere are several formulations available in drug stores against rabbits: various drops, suspensions, baby water. Before losing anything, talk to the nurse or your child's GP.
  9. Kуlika-tartбsThis is a great position for many babies to relieve stomach symptoms. Also called rabbit or magic posture. Lay the baby on our forearms so that your head is at the base of your forehead and your tummy is resting on your hands as your hands and feet relax. We can also lend a little back to losing the air.
  10. Cherry seed cushionWarm cherry kernel padding relaxes muscles and helps relieve symptoms. Heat the cherry kernel fern, but make sure it is not hot. Make your baby's belly a warm, comfortable pillow.
There is one sure point in the fight against stomach: time. THE baby 3-4 months old, usually no sign of the baby at any moment. In the meantime, it may take some time to change the methods, one day one, another day another solution can prove to be effective.

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