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What does the baby cry for?

What does the baby cry for?

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Infantry is one of the most ordinary but most distinctive voices in the world. It sets everyone up for action who just hears it. The goal is to soothe the baby. But do you understand why he was being bullied?

What does the baby cry for?

To calm the little one down, we first need to figure out what's wrong. This is fortunately by default not a complicated taskbecause the smallest in the world are surprisingly simple and unambiguous.

5 reasons why the New Year's Eve

  • Hungry - the baby is still needing frequent eating, has a small stomach, and the colostrum is rapidly digested.
  • When it comes to body closeness - if you feel your mother's body warm, fragrant, heart-shaped, it is a life-like reminder of the uterus and calms down.
  • Freezing - Moving the baby is definitely not advisable, but at first it can be unpleasant to touch if it is undressed or bathed.
  • Restless, frightened - it can be triggered by rapid change of position, strong noises, pupil confusion and headache (visitors' noise).
  • Something about the baby - luckily it rarely occurs, but various birth defects can cause long-term baby discomfort. Muscle peeling, headaches, osteoporosis, anything that can make certain postures and movements painful. Abdominal stomach does not occur in the first few weeks after birth.

  • + typical example
    On Mondays, mothers often call breastfeeding advice because they feel the milk is running low because the baby is constantly crying. During a conversation, it turns out that his summer has been almost constant. The brothers came, or the family went to bed, mostly to the mother for the whole weekend. The jittery, bad mood that comes with it sticks your baby in unintentionally, it just makes the baby uneasy again, the stress doesn't really make the baby get enough milk, and you do a lot. Fortunately, this problem is usually resolved in a few days.
    Most newborns are protesting when they are dumped somewhere and left, especially from the third day on, when they have rested their paternal patents. Easy to do: if you can suckle, fall asleep in your mother's arms or in the immediate vicinity, you will be completely happy. However, the currency does not always turn out so smoothly. If the mother is inexperienced in breastfeeding, if she is unable to breastfeed her baby because she is weaned, or if her breast milk is shorter than usual, blood harmony is unfortunately lost.
    If the first days with the baby are not developed the way they are imagined, because they miss a lot, the mother's frustration and tension will increase day by day. She also complained about childbirth, saddened that they were both good, she had already calmed down, and instead there was uncertainty, especially if they were contradicted by contradictory advice. What am I doing wrong?
    In this situation, troubleshooting is not the first thing to do, but rather loosening. The mother's nervousness and tension radiate to the baby. Х Reflect on exactly what you get: If you have quiet, safe peace of mind, quiet, kind words, it will become silent, easier to breastfeed, will fall asleep.

    The flush and the first pitfalls

    It is a Middle Eastern belief that the baby's drooling parents intend to regulate, influence. (How tiny, how marvelous it is to manipulate an entire family, says some educators.) Some require a great deal of planning and crafting on the little one. Starting from this, it is very easy to get from indulgence to the cul-de-sac of currency fear. From here it is just a jump to get used to the order, discipline, and adult imagination to the little one.
    One however, it is still impossible to comfort a little baby, since it is not a cunning calculation, it is controlled by all its elemental usts. If your needs are met and your mother is relaxed, the baby will be relaxed as well. That is to say, he is not accustomed to an order which he himself will enter into the order which surrounds him.

    Respect each other!

    Something for your baby's needs flexible adaptation does not mean that all agendas should be rejected. There are babies who are more reassured by certainty than by others. They can be very unbalanced and respond with a sore throat if they are overwhelmed by excessive confusion.
    But let's take a closer look at what permanence means to a baby! Initial conditions, wartime conditions, permanent escape, even when begging for a baby can be surprisingly relaxed if you are with your mother. Did a child sleeping in a rosy child, in his or her own nursery, have a whole family looking for his or her needs all day long? Certainly imaginable. No matter how surprising it may seem, a small baby does not feel much about the material good that surrounds him, the proximity of his parents means the world.
    If the parent keeps looking and thinking about when to kill, when to fall asleep, when to stop spitting, the baby does not feel the steadiness, but the very opposite, that they want to be released. If we treat him with respect, with love, with the time when the little one is willing to do so, we will get the same from him.

    How to soothe a baby baby?

  • If you are wet, you do not have to hang it up, you might like to fuck it with your mom. That is, let's suck as long as it runs out of patience and as long as the little one wants (normal to average suckling for up to two months). At certain times of the day, evening exercise is a good idea if you can get breast frequently.
  • Wrap it in a lightweight blanket to prevent your limbs from clinging to and fro. You can reassure yourself with a craze similar to that in your womb.
  • If you like to bathe, bathe it! Doing so can eliminate long-standing drowsiness.
  • Let's change the conditions! For example, moving out of the apartment to breathe outdoors, or going from light to dark, dark to light, is out of the question and is curious about the change.
  • Let's involve a relaxed family member in the nurse. Thanks to their fearfulness, steady heart, and lust, the baby is calmed.
  • Intensive baby massage can help. In warm, warm, oily hands, smooth your body parts all the way, talking slowly, relaxed.
  • Let's name it, look it in the eye, slowly and quietly explain to him where we are, what we are doing. Take it as if you understand everything!
  • Let's put on some relaxed or just hurry music and dance with the baby in our arms. It is also a good idea to wrap it and carry it around.
  • Let's try to make it fall asleep if we put it down. Many babies sleep exhausted and, once laid, are asleep in a minute or two. Do not indulge! Let's continue talking in a quiet, determined, reassuring way, explaining what's happening. Let's make sure we don't leave you alone.

  • Soothing the "stomach" baby

    There is a list of people who think almost without thinking of anyone who has seen a baby close by: well, this is belly button! With its small cloaked areas, hands tightly squeezed, head drooping, throaty, it still barely breathes.
  • When you start breastfeeding, you are barely breastfed: it can be frustrated by excessively fast milk. Breastfeed in an upright position, not leaning on the baby.
  • If you start eating a few minutes later, you may have been very hungry, eaten too much, and swallowed a lot of air. Take it off your breast (or your baby's breast), talk to it softly, reassuringly, massaging the back of your body as you loosen up. If the weight is not developing well, is even lost and falls a lot, you should also think about reflux disease.
  • If you are eating after eating: you may not be able to skin the formula. Constipation babies have frequent constipation. It is possible that the breastfeeding baby is disturbed by the mother's milk and dairy products. Other food may also be available. Notice how regularity you can experience in the heat! Even if you drink when you eat only cooked rice, you can be sure that your mother's diet was not the chosen reason.
  • If you are always dumb, evenly, even in the middle of the night: you probably don't have a stomach in the background, though you could only tell if you could. Typically, the doll can be mostly silenced with the generally calming methods listed above.

  • Other tips:
  • You can also try a miracle cure for stomach ache, but don't expect big and lasting results. If the stomach baby is growing well and healthy, it is unnecessarily burdening the body with medicines. Let's try to reassure you with the methods mentioned so far, and think that sooner or later you will be in this difficult era.
  • Baby massaging, even rocking, and grooming can be helpful. In this case, the little one's hands, feet and head can loosely lick the tiny one, and be amazed at the unanimous pattern of the parquet, so it calms down.

  • 5 reasons for the 3-6 month old baby line

  • Catching: Not all infants, but many are very uncomfortable. Several weeks before tooth replacement, we may experience increased restlessness. Sprinkle a little sun with a pain-relieving jelly, and add a handful of buttermilk.
  • Vaccine-related worry: Vaccines can upset the order they have had up to a week. They are a huge change for the baby's protective system. It is not uncommon for him to wake up at night, to be afraid and anxious. If your baby is crying with a sharp headache in the days after vaccination, seek medical attention.
  • In particular, it is from the meaningful, attentive, "talkative", but dozens of babies, that the interesting phenomenon is that mental development takes precedence over movement. They want many things, but they still haven't figured out how to get started. That's why they are extremely unprepared, expecting help and entertainment.
  • Pain, Illness: Think of this cause especially if your baby is unusually uncomfortable and mischievous. You do not always have the disease, so in case of uncertainty you should see a doctor!
  • Homelessness in the family: the little one is worth much more, he feels the battle around him than we think. Debate, quarreling, yelling can make you angry because it makes you insecure.

  • + not typical but educational example
    Dorina, a day old, always cries a lot - her mom complains, and she thinks dulutna is out of milk in the evening. As we begin to talk, I will try to find out what all this talk means. It turns out that the baby is very demented in dundel. I asked the mother to tell me what happened then. After listening to Nimi, she says that they live under the same roof with their parents, with whom her husband is very tense. He arrives home more and more drunk, and foreshadows scenes that are sometimes deadly.
    We discussed below what could be the solution. Migration does not work. The mother cannot and does not want to confront her parents, who may be a little too frightened, but want good. The solution was brought to the court by the duluth: Dorin and her husband went to work. So he managed to get around the pub, boasted to his colleagues with his little girl, and managed to spend the whole of his trip together before returning home. Interestingly, Dorina's lines also ceased to exist.

    5 reasons for the 6-12 month old baby line

  • Clarity, unanimity, boredom: In the second half, the baby will be very interested, open and agile. Thanks, when life is going on, and there is something to look out for, there is something to do. This does not mean you have to stack it with players. Perhaps it is less important to talk to us when we do things, to show, to convey what we do, to become more and more involved in our daily lives.
  • New food stomach: Refresh your baby with just one new ingredient at a time. Notice if you have a good skin, and you will only get a few days later. Despite the inscription on the box, milk powder containing cows' milk in large quantities is not ideal for infant formula.
  • Pain / Illness: By the first day of birth, you may have a mild to moderate inflammation. Characteristically, the baby usually wakes up at night, painfully crying, hunching over his ears. You may also be drinking when you eat, because swallowing causes him pain. Mostly fever. Give him a fever and painkiller and take him to a doctor the next day.
  • Introducing strangers and being direct: infants can make a clear difference between their parents and close relatives and those who are sparsely or strangers. Communicating too quickly, too loud, can lead to horror. Do not let us be restrained, trust him when he comes near you.
  • You can't do what you want it to: press on and discover the world. But he finds that almost all the interesting things are taken out of his hands, and he is always locked away by grunts. No wonder you're advertising! It is better to create a safe environment for him / her and just ban him / her for what he / she needs. We pack the most dangerous things.

  • + characteristic example:
    The eight-month-old Benedict was a very calm, well-balanced baby, calmly staring at the baby or his mother and in the stroller. She sucked once at night and slept like a fur coat. His mother called me because he thought Benedict's behavior had changed for a few days. Poor, clumsy, you don't like anything. True, it's a bit nutty, but it still has no fat.
    In between, the mother felt as though the baby had less before. When she started sucking, she stopped after a few sips and just cried relentlessly. At night he woke up tiredly and didn't even want to suck. We agreed to take the little boy to a pediatrician the next day, where he found out he had mid-inflammation.
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