Painted faces

Painted faces

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Baby oil, swim powder, and baths that are needed for baby care are adequate and sufficient for daily cleansing.

Of course, babies usually want to try Mom's sweets. In this case, you either allow this makeup set made by the mother or specially made for children. Both are unnecessary and harmful. Although manufacturers want to convince customers that their products are skin-friendly, contain no harmful substances, we need to be aware that chemicals are an unnecessary burden and a burden on children's skin. These products contain the same ingredients as the adult ones, up to a minimum. Artificially produced fragrances in perfumes and paints pollute the environment and often cause allergies. Among the substances causing contact allergy, these fragrance carriers are second only to nickel. If we allow our baby to try our sweets every once in a while, he or she may become red and have itchy skin. This is also true for most body poles, facial creams. It is not good for personal development if we focus on externalities at such an early stage. Who and what effect does a dyed, fragrant girl want to exert? The little kid is not a small grown up!