Some high heels are better than flat shoes: 7 secrets for fans

Some high heels are better than flat shoes: 7 secrets for fans

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Cute high-heeled shoes have undoubtedly thrown up one's confidence, but lately there have been many queries about the value of the spine, the bones, the stores.

Some high heels are better than flat shoes: 7 secrets for fans

Jolene Sher physiotherapist now shares a few thoughts that aren't good for fans of corners.

1. The wider, the better

The expert says it's worth it wider corners to choose a casual outfit that will help you maintain balance.

2. A 5 cm heel is ideal for proper posture

Not a target too high choose a heel for those special occasions when you only need to wear a pair of high heels. But you can definitely say you're a good one 5 cm heel Provides better support for the foot than a flat sole or ballet boots.

3. Shaping the soles is key

For the sake of comfort, it is important that the insole of the shoe is able to cushion through the ubiquity without feeling.

4. Flat heels can also be a problem…

No matter how high the heel of the shoe, a bladder can occur at any time if the toe is frequently rubbed against the hard shoe. No matter how beautiful a shoe is, doing so with the foot should be avoided.

5. Avoid the corners

The needle heel is pretty nice, but every high heel is most dangerous. It is easy to lose the balance and fall with it, but it can get stuck in the yard, and hurrying is simply impossible in such a top.

6. It doesn't matter if you have flat heels on hand

If you are rocking exclusive high heel shoes for a special occasion, it does not matter if the bag also has a pair of replacement shoes with a flat heel. You can save a life.

7. Need some tuning…

For new shoes do not test it thoroughly toptop: It is a good idea to let your body get used to other types of stress for 15-30 minutes at home. Comfortable, healthy and safe shoes should be chosen that are not too heavy on the feet. You may also be interested in:
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