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From conception to start

From conception to start

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The miracle ... Because how can we call the unimaginable fact that two cells unite to create a new life?

From conception to start

New life became established, and a close relationship was established between mother and fetus in anatomical sense. The ensuing period is the embryonic or ubiquitous the most important period of intrauterine development. Nothing more demonstrates its significance than the emergence of new life organs and organ systems. Development at this stage is determined by the quality, that is, the intensity and form of the prospective uterus, cells are rapidly differentiated, and they develop into tissues and organs.

The first trimester

This period, which runs from the first day of the last menstruation to week 12, embryonic developmental age nevezzьk. If we divide the pregnancy into thirds (trimesters), this can be considered for the first third. The truth of the world is not yet obvious, as the size of the litter does not yet reach the level that can be easily perceived by others. and, in all respects, allow for proper growth and development. Following maturation, the development is a fertilized egg that resembles a blackberry with gradual structural structural preference folytatуdik. One area of ​​the embedded bladder is in the direction of developing the lower flap, while another part is the first step in embryonic development. Embryonic node formation progresses in direction. burr discs result in formation. These discs form the basis for the development of the individual organ systems as they evolve. Hбrom plate: the kьltakarу the nervous system jelentхs rйsze fejlхdйsйnek alapjбt jelentх ectoderm, the kцtхszцveti system alapjбt jelentх mesoderm, йs the belsх bodies fejlхdйsйnek irбnyбt kijelцlх endoderm is that mennyisйgi tovбbbi fejlхdйs, differenciбlуdбs, minхsйgi йs small rйszben бtalakulбs rйvйn the embriу testйnek kialakulбsбt lehetхvй This will result in the transformation of these disks formation of the embryonic body, which is already recognizable in its sixth-seventh week following the last menagerie. However, the embryo's body proportions are quite unusual compared to the lower body proportions: its head is relatively large, and the size of the individual organs can still give the impression of imbalance.

Dimensions are absurd

The size of the embryo at this stage of development can be well measured by ultrasound examination. Mostly you. High altitude measurement Execution: The distance of the embryo's head-tail can be measured easily and accurately. With the help of pregnancy, it is possible to accurately determine the height of a given pregnancy, so a properly constructed table can or because of the irregular nature of the cycle, cracking occurred at a time that was difficult to calculate. Adding 6.5 to the height in centimeters allows you to quickly estimate your pregnancy. Individual organ systems evolve with varying degrees of time and intensity. Early pregnancy research is now known to be sufficiently accurate development time of some organ systems. The practical significance of this is ъn. defining a critical period. The development of individual organs and organ systems is a very delicate, succulent process, which can lead to pathological development in an impactful way. A critical period is called the most delicate, the most intensive period of developmental change in quality. The most dangerous time from this point of view pregnancy 5-8. a week ago. This is when the most organ system develops, in which case the greatest care is needed, for example certain medicines should not be taken.Therefore, it is essential that the expectant mother read the instructions for use: "The first trimester of pregnancy should only be used with careful consideration of risk". Although very few drugs have been shown to have a fetal effect, caution is warranted: the mediator should seek the advice of a physician before applying any medication.

Pregnancy can be examined with ultrasound

The development of organs can be traced back to the very early stages of pregnancy with the help of ultrasound. The pulsation of the heart is visible from the 5th week, the development of the limbs can be observed after the 7th week. There are also some severe developmental abnormalities felismerhetхk ultrasound examinations and experienced examinations may be appropriate.The ultrasound examinations most frequently performed during this pregnancy are performed on the vagina (TVS - transvaginal sonography: ultrasound examination on the vagina). The first third is also the most active period of natural selection. 15 to 18 percent of recognized pregnancies end up with spontaneous abortion at this age. The reasons are ъn. it cannot be recognized in sporadic cases, it is only necessary for examination in the case of a habituated, recurrent (three or more) abortions. Miscarriage is a sad and very unpleasant phenomenon, but by natural selection, it is a crucial process in preventing the birth of seriously ill fetuses.

Maglхmaguge 5.5 cents

One third of pregnant women are close to a third vйrezgetйst during the first trimester of pregnancy. The most common form of bleeding is leathers from the lime-tree have become elevated kцvetkezmйnye. This process spontaneously heals in a significant number of cases, but can also lead to miscarriage with increased mailing. Blood during all pregnancies requires prompt medical examination, but in early pregnancy there is no therapeutic option for maintaining the pregnancy. The only recommended treatment is rest, observation. As a result, bleeding tends to decrease, and then cease when the increase in bleeding is detected, so that the chance of a spontaneous abortion of the pregnancy increases significantly. Various hormone levels and the efficacy of drugs have not been proven, and in addition, these therapeutic attempts can prevent the appearance of severely ill fetuses by preventing natural selection. Length approx. 9-10 cm, height 5.5 cm, its shape, its organs are fully recognizable, human. The next stages of his entire life are decisively marked by the growth and growth of quantity.
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