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These are the most popular Christmas treats

These are the most popular Christmas treats

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Chocolate chocolate is a big favorite of the holiday season: 400 tons more than eight million pieces were sold in the October-December 2016 period, according to the Nielsen 90 Food Retailer Index.

Hungarians spent more than HUF 3 billion on the seasonal season last year, a total of 616 tons and nearly 11 billion pieces. Chocolate costs, both in value and quantity, add up to about two thirds of the seasonal value (64% in value and 66% in value). Jуllehet the Tйlapу-figurбkbуl darabszбm tekintetйben йrtйkesнtettek 6 szбzalйkkal less than 2015 цs season нgy also abszolъt letaszнthatatlan the trуnrуl, 100 bуl 77 йrtйkesнtett szezonбlis йdessйg ilyen.A karбcsonyi йdessйgek kцzьl mбsodik the largest rйszarбny йrtйkben the egyйb csokolбdйfigura (as eg Christmas Tree, Teddy Bear, Boots, Hummer, Angel; etc.) market share increased from 10% to 12% during the period under review. . In terms of value, the 9 percent market share in 2015 is 1 percentage point higher than last year's holiday season.
Advent Calendars Are Still Popular: With $ 280 Million in Retail Sales Over 2016, the Most Popular Kinds Are Still Lasting In February 2015 up to 85 percent. " - He told Csilla Czikora, Nielsen Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations. "Five percent of Hungarians vote for pure chocolate." In terms of store selection, half of Hungarian consumers (49%) purchase their desired seasonal seasonal sales from more than 2,500 sqm. The 401-2500 nm stores, which include supermarket and discount stores, account for 33% of seasonal sales, while the market share of stores with a floor area smaller than 200 square meters is 1 percentage point down by 12 percentage points.Related articles in this topic:How Much Can You Eat From Your Santa's Pack Daily?If you do, chocolate is really healthyHow Healthy Is Chocolate?