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CHOKE: Less energy efficient houses can be built because of the ease of use

CHOKE: Less energy efficient houses can be built because of the ease of use

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In the CSOK system, up to "D" energy rating houses can be built in Hungary.

CSOK 2016

According to the experts of Knauf Insulation, which manufactures insulating materials, the fact that the family home improvement allowance (CSOK) does not take into account the fact that the family homeowners' allowance is not taken into consideration leads to the extension of the current Hungarian real estate.
In a statement released Tuesday to the MTI, the company emphasizes that the eased terms effective from January increase the number of people in need, but that they are considered to be outdated from an energy efficiency point of view.
According to a decree enacted last year, the 2018 Energy Efficiency Requirements should apply as far as subsidies, budgets, applications, unique financing are concerned. However, under the regulation, support for the new chocolate system will be exempt from the January changes, and the previous 10, 20 and 30 percent energy penalties for the support system, respectively.
According to the regulation of the Unique directive, in the future "A" could be built, but in the chocolate system "D" energy rating houses can be built in Hungary, although the real estate is expected to be completed in 2018. According to Knauf experts, it would be fortunate if these also complied with the stricter energy efficiency rules then in force.
The elхнrбsok not make kцtelezхvй but tбmogatбst HUF 10 + 10 milliу thinking mindenkйppen йrdemes hosszъ tбvon with kalkulбlni igйnylхknek that if energetically йpнtenek or vбsбrolnak, korszerы property then a csalбdi hбz esetйben the fыtйsi kцltsйg akбr megspуrolhatjбk 50 szбzalйkбt well - idйzi the kцzlemйny Aszуdy Tambast, the executive director of the company. He noted that the amount saved by energy efficiency could be reinvested in a second $ 10 billion loan repayment.
According to the company, investments that improve energy efficiency should be supported at the national level. Tбvon longer szьksйg would felъjнtбsok, korszerыsнtйsek tбmogatбsбra, because currently only 10.7 csalбdi hбzaknak szбzalйka szбmнt energy szempontbуl korszerыnek, йs the largest energiamegtakarнtбsi lehetхsйget these felъjнtбsa jelentenй.A csalбdoknak these felъjнtбsok megterhelхek the legtцbben mйg neither kedvezmйnyes kцlcsцnцket tudjбk to take it. According to a January survey by the company, 55 percent of owners living in inadequately or inadequately insulated properties would only be able to complete thermal insulation work if they received financial assistance from the state.