Fetus hurts: normal or worry about it?

Fetus hurts: normal or worry about it?

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Hinges are a natural phenomenon that everyone will experience at least once in their life. However, fetuses hurt in the womb. What is worth knowing about this? Is the baby still to be normal or can it indicate some trouble?

Although the fetus moves in the womb from a few weeks to a week, usually between the ages of 13 and 25, the mother starts to feel it; since the baby to be born will have a much smaller place to move) .In addition, the mom may feel smaller, rhythmic "jumps", excitement. This can easily be a fetal hinge. Usually, these mothers experience in the second or third trimester. There are some fetuses that hiccup several times a day, but others generally do not encounter this phenomenon.Some of the fetuses regularly hurt in the wombSurprisingly, professionals still do not know exactly why someone is hurting - whether you are an adult, a child or just a fetus. According to one theory, fetal hinge is related to lung processes in the lungs. In most cases, fetal hinging is a completely normal process.

When to worry?

According to professionals hiccups occur less frequently after the 32nd week of pregnancy fetuses, so it is strongly recommended that you tell your doctor if you experience it daily. You should also talk to your baby if you have a stroke that lasts for more than 15 minutes, or if your baby has a stroke on your baby 3 or more times. it may also indicate a problem with the genomic cord. Compressing or pushing the cord may cause extremely serious, even life-threatening events.

Hinges or kicks?

It is not always easy to distinguish whether it is from hinges or kicks. It is best for your pregnant mother to move around for a while. Because springing, stretching can often be attributed to the fact that the fetus does not feel "comfortable" and tries to put in a more comfortable position, or if it has an effect that is stimulating, or just the sweet нz). By changing the position, the killing can be eliminated, as the fetus can be better positioned. Also refers to kicking, if you always feel movement in the other part of the tummy, rhythmic movements are usually concentrated in a smaller area when hinging. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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