Signs that the gingival wound does not heal well

Signs that the gingival wound does not heal well

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In the case of cesarean section, the rate of natural births is higher. These include wound healing disorders and inflammatory conditions.

Cupping is a serious abdominal surgery that involves a 10-12 cm abdominal incision of the pregnant woman and an incision at the level beneath it. These will have to accumulate during regeneration.Signs that the gingival wound does not heal well Fortunately, these surgical scars are healing well. After cavity interventions - after a false incision - on day 6 there is suture collection, and on week 6 control, physicians usually experience complete healing.

How long does wound healing take after a cesarean section?

It should be understood that in regeneration and a can also be very different in wound healingIt is true that the faster this process is, the slower than the others, or the healing may not be completed properly.

What Lifestyle Factors Can Worsen the Wound Healing Process?

Numerous lifestyle factors influence the healing of the wound. The first thing to mention is dementia and dementia. Carbohydrate metabolism and hormone balance make wound healing difficult, and the number of infectious events is higher. In fact, it is also important to consider that the risk of welding is greater, and the baby has to take great care of the wound care and care. Neglected, poorly cleaned wounds heal and rot. The wound was definitely there should be kept clean: You can drink water, but experts recommend showering for 2 weeks in order to minimize the risk of infection. Be sure to follow the instructions of the treating physician!

What warning signs may indicate that this process is not working properly?

If the gingival wound does not heal properly, the main elements of inflammation appear: at the incision site swelling, melegsйg-йgхйrzйs йs fбjdalom occur. Early scarring and coloring are present, but the color will slowly subside; however, if you experience increased skin, or if the size of the scar visibly changes, then this indicates a wound healing process. This is a sign that the wound is not healing properly. If there is more relief in the superficial direction of the wounds, pain will rarely occur. It is important that you consult your doctor or the birth center immediately where the operation was performed. In this case, regular wound treatment should be undertaken and the stitching delayed.

What are the consequences of healing the gingival wound?

A beautiful scar is hardly noticeable after a few days of sunburn. If the wound healing process is disturbed, it can cause aesthetic but also functionally disturbed scars. It's kind of like this keloid, a dense, discolored pigmented scar develops well beyond the original trauma (eg, myths). Specialist: Dr. Hernbadi Balazs, nuns.
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