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Cupping from the baby's point of view

Cupping from the baby's point of view

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Cupping, as one of the possible breeding grounds for birth, has been widely appreciated and said, but little has been read about it from the point of view of the baby to be born.

The cup dolls have completely different effects

Who made the decision?

There are some inevitable cases when a baby is not able to give birth naturally and the baby is weighing and deciding how to conceive. It is common for moms to ask for a cesarean section, even if it is not justified because they think that it is pain-less and simpler for the baby as well.

There is no obligation to suffer

Comparing the painlessness of the cup to the pains of buttering only hurts you nowadays because hospitals can be overwhelmed epidural analgesia to ask for help or to choose a hospital where you have great experience in this area. These ideas are generally incorrect.

The benefits of fighting

During labor and delivery, the connective tissue and the passage of the uterus through the birth canal produce a hormone that is released from the glands (paraganglions) specifically developed for this purpose. Hormone production in the child is triggered by a distress created by the contractions of the uterus. This is how the body adapts to new and unusual conditions. (Paraganglions are absorbed during infancy, and there is no need for them anymore.) This process has been recognized by medical science in recent decades.Carcinometry, as the baby does not breast breathing difficulties - although serious problems nowadays rarely occur - the effects of the medications given during surgery on the baby have to be taken into account. Probably because these lesions are mostly not caused by birth or by birth but earlier. Fetal mortality decreases with increasing incidences, but two things are only partly related to cause and effect, as well death of mothers It was 3-7 times higher in cesarean section than in natural childbirth; However, cesarean delivery is professionally justified only if the risk of vaginal delivery is greater than or equal to cesarean section. Therefore, for the sake of the mother, taking into account the professional and ethical aspects, the doctors for no other reason, they do not perform cesarean section.

Bacteriological aspects

From a bacterial point of view, there is a difference between the vagina and congenital birth. Human memory is brought to life through close proximity to the mother. This is almost a guarantee that your newborn, but mainly your digestive system, will be infected almost immediately with a bunch of friendly bacteria known to the mother.A baby born with cystic fetus others are entering the world of moles. They are born into a sterile world, first encountering the air and the microbes made available by the staff. Because breastfeeding is more difficult after cesarean section, it is therefore less likely that the baby will find the breast and receive the early colostrum, which contains specific antibodies (IgA) and other protective substances. the cubs of a baby born with cesarean section are differentlike what physiology would be like after birth. German researchers suggest that babies born with cesarean section are more likely to suffer from food allergy or diarrhea within the first 12 months of their life. But the lack of a good birth and birth is traumatic for the fetus and the mother.These articles may also be of interest:
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