Before Birth: Ask About Cesarean Section April Month of Information on Cesarean Section

Before Birth: Ask About Cesarean Section April Month of Information on Cesarean Section

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To date, there are many misconceptions about cesarean section, barely any information about the possibilities, the travel and the consequences of surgery, and the consequences of post-intervention regeneration.

April (ICAN Initiative) Month of Information on Cesarean Section: There is a need for authentic information before birth, including on cesarean section.Before you give birth: Be sure to also have a cupcake! Whilst the WHO considers a reparation rate of between 10% and 15% to be ideal and acceptable, in our country 40%, and globally 21.1% of babies are born with cesarean section. The international organization also indicated that more frequent interventions than recommended above would not significantly reduce maternal and child mortality rates. However, post-cup vaginal deliveries (VBACs), but also to illustrate the degree to which the affected individuals are involved in the intervention. Do you inform the mother what's going on with her baby? Do the interviewers get the chance to stay with the old woman until the end? Do you support the mother so that she can be with her without interruption? Do you get any help for all those affected during the postoperative period (breastfeeding, exercise, psychological support)? Because in the case of cesarean section all mothers have basic patient rightsto remain competent throughout the process, to minimize trauma in the system (especially in cases of urgency, complications), but unfortunately, experience does not.

Routine, but big abdominal surgery

Cesarean section is a great medical statement that we think of as a life-saving intervention, but today, when the number of surgical births reaches the skies, it is not possible to speak of the true face of cesarean section. "Anybody who is most conscious of preparing for a non-viable vaginal birth can end up in the position of endangering the child - even for the sake of her newborn baby. the one who mentally prepares himself a bit for the cesarean section will survive much better, "he says. dr. Prosper Mabria, slush and cousin. In your experience, if you sincerely prepare prospective mothers for what to expect, it will be easier to spend the first few difficult days. "Cesarean section is a routine, but it is big abdominal surgery"he warns.

Responsible decision after balanced capitalization

That's what you call attention to Veisenberger Eleonуra della, perinatal expert advice. "Our birth ideas are often full of misconceptions, and we may not have someone to help us clean up. encourages you to familiarize yourself with the cup, as well as with the post-cup vaginal birth. Because prior information acquisition can give you confidence, and with proper capitalization, abdominal birth can be prevented, even if you are born in a place where you have a low price. He also emphasizes that even in the case of surgery - which rarely looks like in hospital series - mothers are entitled to correct information. "In this case, greater care must be taken to ensure that the mother's sense of competence is not impaired, and if it is, that the return of the mother be smooth. And this is a matter for the hospital staff to always have time to do."

Your body is overwhelmed with vitality

It's Duru healing on a daily basis confronts mothers with little information about what mothers have done to them, and what they can do to heal with less chance of dying (m.). "They cut out a layer of fire on the stomachso that I can highlight the baby. After childbirth, the mother receives so much feedback that she has a wound or a six-week check that "everything can go." This can be misleading, and it can also be seen that six weeks after a cup, somebody runs, training. our body parts can reconnect with each other, the nervous system. All this in a hormone, nervous system in a cold period. That is why every mother born with a cup should go through a regeneration program to strengthen her daily routine and then return to her previous movements. "

Box: Special application can help

The purpose of the Cupline Project, the two initiators of a complex mother-in-law, was also the intermediary of authentic cupcake information. Munkбjuk sorбn szakйrtхk segнtsйgйvel бlmodtak informatнv a free mobilapplikбciуt at (Android, iOS), in which the csбszбr elхtti the kуrhбzi йs the gyermekбgyi idхszakrуl also rйszletesen olvashatunk.Az alkalmazбsban elхfizethetх a hiбnypуtlу, цsszeбllнtott gyуgytornбszok posts by these people videуs package, which the szьlйs utбni elsх Includes three monthly regeneration programs (postoperative and baby post-gymnastics, lumbar spine, scar massage, wound movements). As part of the project, a group of facebook experts have just launched their website and are also active on Facebook and Instagram.Related articles in Cupping:
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