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Although rarely occurs, it may have serious consequences if it is forgiven. The parent does not have to notice the difference, which seems insignificant at first, since every baby is checked by the pediatrician for hippocampal function.

It's easy to imagine a tongue spike if you've seen a baby playing with a doll. The human body, of course, is more complex: the spherical end of the femur is well integrated into the vertebrae. This curvature is the reason for its ability to move up, down, left and right. The baby's foot does not "fall out", only the femoral head can move out of the so-called "vertebra" on the hips. This is a hole that ideally fits perfectly in the femur. However, every thousandth baby comes to the world with an abnormal fetus, and if it is too flat, the femoral head may slide out of the old, forming the pelvis. In the pre-natal period, non-well-fitting stings slow down the development of the business components. In untreated cases, the currency problem is discovered only slightly when the baby starts to come and puts a burden on the leg. Then you can only help with surgery.
Preventing your lap is much simpler and completely painless! If you manage to keep your baby's thighs wide apart, with the femoral head occupying an ideal position, the two organs will grow evenly and simultaneously, and their shape will adjust to each other.

How do you find out?

As long as the child is not resting on his feet, trouble for laymen is almost imperceptible. That is why screening tests are carried out. Orthopedic and the Children's Specialist College said it would be good if you could see all children between three and six weeks old by an orthopedic specialist. There are hospitals, cities and towns where there is sufficient orthopedic specialist, so everyone undergoes hand and ultrasound examinations, but this is not usually the case. The pineal gland is officially in the hands of pediatricians, available three times. First of all, it happens in the hospital, and it is usually done by the Newborn. After returning from the hospital, the home doctor examines the child's thigh and then checks again at the four-month check-up. This ensures that the orthopedic specialist can start treatment in a timely manner.
If the family has a history of similar illnesses (spongiform encephalopathy), an orthopedic examination should be performed because of the higher risk factor. Likewise, if the fetus was born at twin pregnancies, or was fully rearward, because of its reduced mobility, it would not be able to move as much. These children will be referred to an orthopedic specialist at the age of 2-3-4 who will decide on the need for ultrasound and what treatment they will need based on what they have seen.
The role of parents in screening is very small, because it requires an experienced, confident eye to recognize the abnormalities of the hips. It can be curious if the baby is very unilateral, one side is tighter than the other, if the two legs are not the same length, or the skin on the buttocks, sides or legs is different and has a different rhythm. But these are immediately noticed and referenced by an experienced pediatrician. An orthopedic appointment can only be visited in this way.

Methods of treatment

Parents have greater responsibility and endurance in the treatment. Untreated tinnitus may cause severe physical disability. Initially, there is the drought, the blinding, which will become more and more painful because of the constant wear and tear of business. But, fortunately, it is less frequent. A timely and well-treated disorder can completely heal within a few months. Because there are many levels of abnormality, treatment is also varied. From simple gymnastics, when the baby's knees are pushed slightly sideways and downward during the diapering process, the rug's panties are all the way down to the special Pavlik strap, which keeps the child's torso in a steady position. This structure does not allow just the extension of the foot, it does everything else.
It is true that most babies are disturbed by mobility limitations, so it is natural that they want to eliminate it. The first few days should be prepared with a strong heart, because they are creepy, fat men. Tensioning the legs is not painful, but it can be a bit uncomfortable, which the baby is right to protest. Breastfeeding is also harder with such a wide variety, although this is not a reason to stop breastfeeding, you just need to change your position. For the armband is not disturbed by the stirrups.
No matter how painful it is to hear a child's grieving protest, unfortunately, this is a case where it is in his best interest not to compromise and to strictly obey medical instructions. The treatment only works at certain ages. Usually, it will take up to a month for the placement to stop, and the sooner you start, the faster it will end. It is very rarely necessary to wear the cloak, but when the baby is over, it should not be worn anymore.
Most parents understand why they need it and what they risk, but unfortunately there are always those who feel unable to do it. There were some who told the orthopedic doctor a few days later that this method was too harsh, so he took the child to a natural healing clinic who regularly exercised. Was a mistake. Continuous movement was used to completely grind the femur. As a result, the child had to undergo surgery, and more painful operation, slow bowel movements, and much ease in the parental vocabulary.

If your baby is positioned correctly
he holds his feet in a carry-on, high waist.
This position from New Age is working well
for the development of hippocampus.

Mom's tip is perfect!

- That's exactly what his child's stigma is the healthiest. By putting a little head on your cow's hips and keeping her hands handy, she will do her best to keep her baby's hips healthy. You can also carry the baby on the hips with the carrying cloth, so it's easier to hold it!
- It's worth avoiding tight coats, clothes, anything that clogs the hips and hinders its free movement.
- Whoever carries a baby carrier, that is to say, a carrier, is good to carry the baby so much. In this case, the two feet are in an extended and raised posture, which is especially good for the hips.
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